What I’m Doing Now

I’m living in West Kensington, London.

Right now, I’m focussing on these things:

    • I’m currently writing a kick-ass book proposal.  I’ve done it before and even had book contracts, but the time has never been quite right.  Or maybe I’ve not been ready.  Either way, 2017 is the year.

    • In 2016 we started reshooting our course The Raw Chef at Home, starting with Breads, Crackers & Wraps.  So I’m working on the content for that.  The next module is Tree Nut Cheeses and should be ready in March 2017.

    • Building our team at The Raw Chef and looking for a new HQ for 2017.

    • In 2017 I’ll be doing more live demos and talks around the world and in London.  These will be added to the events page on this site.

    • Working on my other site at russelljamesonline.com, helping other wellness entrepreneurs build an online business.

    • I’ve started a weekly vlog, which at this point isn’t weekly.  But as I get better at the process (which I’m really enjoying) I’ll be able to deliver weekly.

    • I’m currently in the US until the end of November, starting in LA, heading up to SF and then down to TX.  This is a bit of a reset trip for me, so I can decide where I want to be from March 2017, when I move out of the place in Kensington.  I also plan to spend most of December to February in Bali.

    • Physically, Crossfit 4 times a week and yoga 6 times a week.  I love the combo of the two.

That means I’m saying no to everything else (because this is probably enough, right?).

Last update: 29th October 2016.