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RCE023: Cyrus Khambatta – An Unconventional Approach to Diabetes

30th March, 2017
Cyrus Khambatta

On this week’s episode I’m joined by Cyrus Khambatta who has a really interesting story to tell about his diabetes. Cyrus improved his condition with a diet not devoid of carbs, but actually focusing more on carbs. He started eating a high carb diet in the form of fruit, which goes against everything that traditional […]... Read More

RCE022: Tanya Maher – Raw Food Experiment to Raw Food Restaurant

30th March, 2017
Tanya Maher

This week I’m talking to Tanya Alekseeva, AKA, Tanya Maher. Tanya is a good friend and we met on a trip to Stone Henge for the solstice in 2012 when the world was supposed to end. Tanya is the founder of the ultimate wellness company, Better Raw, and the co-founder of Tanya’s Café, a high-end […]... Read More

RCE021: Richi Watson – Overcoming Life’s Challenges with Love & Compassion

27th March, 2017
Richi Watson

In this episode I am joined by Richi Watson, host of Wellbeing Now Seminar and founder of LifeWell UK. Richi was kind enough to let me speak and demo at his event over in Essex in 2016. What really struck me about his crew over there are the people that both were putting on the […]... Read More

RCE20: Rick Miller – How to Eat Intuitively for Better Health

27th March, 2017
Rick Miller

In this episode we’re talking to Rick Miller. Rick is a dietician here in the UK, and as is the case with dieticians, he comes at food and diet from a very academic and scientific viewpoint. What I thought was fascinating was I saw him talking recently about intuitive eating. Coming from someone who is […]... Read More

REC019: Alissa Barthel – From Punk Rock to Science Lab & Raw Cheeses

17th March, 2017
Alissa Barthel Podcast

On this week’s episode I’m joined by my friend Alissa Barthel. Alissa and I met in Oklahoma City when I was teaching at Matthew Kenney’s 105degrees, The Raw Food Academy. Alissa has gone on to do some amazing things with raw vegan cheeses using a base of nuts, probiotics, water, and salt, based on the […]... Read More

RCE 018: Ollie Trew – Connecting to Yourself & Leaning into Fear

17th March, 2017
Ollie Trew Podcast

On this week’s episode I’m joined by Ollie Trew, who is a connection coach, a healer, and a spiritual catalyst passionate about helping people get back to who they really are and what they really love to do. As Ollie says, after all, we are so much more impactful and driven when we have a […]... Read More

RCE017: Adam Stansbury – The Plant Powered Personal Trainer

9th March, 2017
Adam Stansbury

This week I am joined by Adam Stansbury, who is The Plant Powered Personal Trainer. Now Adam has just got such a really interesting background in bodybuilding and fitness modelling, and you will hear how he did that the traditional route; eating animal products, having rib eye steaks, and all that crazy stuff. Adam tells […]... Read More

RCE016: Jennifer Daniels – Using Turpentine to Clear Candida

9th March, 2017
Jennifer Daniels Podcast

On this week’s episode I’m joined by Dr. Jennifer Daniels, and this is the interview I’ve been so looking forward to sharing with you. Dr. Daniels is quite a character and is now living in Panama, which came about due to a string of events that started with her really questioning the pharmaceutical medications that […]... Read More

RCE015: Denisa Ratulea – Raw & Plant-Based Foods to Reduce Inflammation to Prepare for Surgery

2nd March, 2017
Denisa Ratulea

In this week’s episode I’m joined by Denisa Ratulea. Denisa is a health coach, plant based chef, and Reiki healer. She’s the founder of Second Nature, and the author of Cooking For Your Heart as well as co-founder of Raw Transylvania Adventures and Health Connection Retreats. After years of living in pain due to a […]... Read More

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