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Irresistible Raw Meals
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Make Raw Food an Easy Part of Your Day

Create Sexy & Irresistible Raw Meals

The Raw Chef at Home

10 modules of comprehensive raw food training, for the home raw chef.  From kitchen setup and herb & spice combining, to irresistible meals that your family will love.  The kind of food you'll be able to make after this will be suitable for impressive raw food dinner parties.

The Raw Chef Desserts at Home

10 modules of raw dessert training that will show you how to convert even the most sceptical people in to raw dessert lovers.  As with all our courses, this can be done at your own pace and includes lifetime updates.

Master Raw Culinary Techniques

Weekday Raw

One of our most popular courses that show you how to be 'Weekday Raw'.  That means easy to prepare meals, that still look impressive and will help you eat a high raw diet.  This course is broken down by season, and includes tips on how to lightly cook plant based foods that will go well with these raw recipes,.

Raw Fermentation

Discover how truly alive food can be.  Learn the delicious and vibrant art of raw fermentation, for probiotic packed food and drinks.  Eating this food daily will help your internal flora grow in abundance and boost your health to new levels.

The Raw Chocolatier

4 levels of the most amazing raw chocolate training with The Raw Chocolatier, Amy Levin.  Take level 1 to learn how to make beautiful raw chocolate bars, or go right up to level 4 to learn chocolate work such as raw chocolate chips and chocolate cigars.

Here's an Even Better Deal for Anyone Serious About Raw...


The Raw Chef Premium: My Top Courses

The most comprehensive raw food training course package available, anywhere.

Includes my flagship Raw Chef at Home course (RRP: $325)


Access to 8 Complementary Raw Food Courses so that you can master the art "cooking" raw food...
from simple and sexy raw meals to making amazing food that's a little more special.

  • iconRaw Chef at Home (Value: $325)
  • iconRaw Chef Desserts at Home (Value: $325)
  • iconRaw Chocolate Level 1 (Value: $97)
  • iconRaw Chocolate Level 2 (Value: $197)
  • iconRaw Chocolate Level 3 (Value: $197)
  • iconRaw Chocolate Level 4 (Value: $197)
  • iconWeekday Raw (Value: $297)
  • iconRaw Fermentation at Home (Value: $197)
Just 1 Payment of $1122 - Total Price: $1832(Save $710)
or 3 Monthly Payments of $386

Make Sexy, Simple &
Irresistible Raw Meals

If you want to make raw meals too good to pass up (even for your family and friends!), you just need some extra inspiration. I’m sharing my top 10 raw recipes (as voted by the community) for FREE.

Here are just some of the recipes I’d like to share with you:

  • Raw Nachos
  • Curried Swede Risotto
  • Cacao Crepes
  • Courgette Fettuccine
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