How to Sprout Buckwheat

I get asked about sprouting buckwheat quite a lot: how to do it, how long to soak and sprout it and whether to measure the buckwheat in a raw food recipe before or after it’s sprouted.

I’ve answered all those questions and given you the full, easy method in this video.


  1. Jizmoddo

    I get sprouted buckwheat groats that are dried and come in a bag. Should I soak them before eating or can I just throw them on a salad dry? Thanks. 🙂

    • Russell

      Technically you can throw them on a salad dry, but I 100% suggest soaking them so they’re softer and have had the enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid rinsed away, which makes them more nutritious and easier to digest.

  2. Kat

    Do you have to cook it/bake it after sprouting? And I guess the actual sprouts don’t need to be removed? Thank you

  3. JM

    Hi I’ve been soaking buckwheat sprouts for 3 days now and still no sprouts. I’ve rinsed often, 2-4 times a day. Today there is a weird smell. I rinsed again. My house is quite cold. What am I doing wrong?

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