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  2. It's a great question and well articulated. My suggestion is go to with your own experience here and try out different things to find the mix that works for your weight training, how you feel mentally and how you feel spiritually. Take the stories you've heard of other people's experiences and be interested by them, whilst also knowing we're all different and you'll have your own experience that almost certainly won't match up exactly with what you've heard. I do think protein supplementation is necessary for someone lifting weights to gain significant muscle. Not everyone will agree with that and that's OK. I've been around long enough to know people will claim you can get all the protein you need from fruit. That's not been my experience. I'm not referring to anyone specific, I've just seen it over and over. In several cases it's come to light the person was taking steroids. Again, I'm not naming names. I'm just making the point you never know what someone is actually doing, Vs what they put online. Luckily it's very easy to do vegan protein supplements. One in particular I like is Fortagen. It's a fermented mix of amino acids and unfortunately doesn't taste great. It does digest very easily though and will not cause bloating for most people. If you want something better tasting, you could give Raw Sport a go. If you're happy with what you eat now, from a workout perspective, bring in small changes for a few weeks at a time and see how it feels in your body. With some dedication to that you'll be able to find the right blend for you at any point in your life.
  3. In my opinion, a raw vegan lifestyle is here to improve our lives, makes us live a more fulfilled life whilst being healthy. But healthy is more than food, it’s also about exercise, mental health etc. Okay… exercise. But everyone says you need a good amount of protein when weight training, in order to build more muslce. Okay.. but I’m so confused how you can get enough protein on a raw vegan diet. In no way am I educated on this topic (protein and raw veganism) but I do know that most raw veganists get their protein from sources which are also a fat source: nuts and seeds. I would really want to know this because honestly, anyone can be healthy in their own way and for me, I found that strenght training is something I love. Yet I’m also aware of the amazing benefits of raw veganism, of the way it improves both your mental and spritual life: it’s truly astonishing! I need to find a way to combine lots of raw vegan food in my life with a sufficient diet that supports my needs. So far, I’m not really hearing too many people talking about this. So I hope you can maybe help me out, if you have any tips. All the best and thank you.
  4. Thank you so much, I am so happy to be where I am now.
  5. Congratulations, Skye. What an amazing journey. You've done so well to overcome everything you have to be here to tell the story. Please feel free to post the link to your blog.
  6. I want to share some of my journey here as it is so unique and special to me. I also really hope it can inspire others to share their success stories or even try raw foods as it has literally given me my life back after 32 years. So my health issues started at the age of 8 yo., it was after a bout of chicken pox. I was in bed for most of my life and I was diagnosed with many different illness’s ( too many to list here ). It started with being told I had Chronic Fatigue and then lead to chronic pain, next was a rare congenital illness, then the removal of some of my major organs, and over 60 operations/procedures. This ended up leading to many trips to the ICU. My heart even stopped during a routine surgery as at this stage I was 37kg and on more pain relief than they thought a human could withstand. Next there were multiple more diagnoses and after a bout of shingles I was even in a neurological hospital for 10 weeks as I could not walk, talk, read or move. I was trying to be brief and yet I really want to share just how much a life can change with raw foods. So let’s go back to 3 years ago when I became vegan and even then I still went through another 8 hospital visits. Though I do call this period the start of my transitioning towards health. At this time I also suffered severe PTSD and started to numb my memories with alcohol; all while still moving more and more towards raw foods, as if my body knew I needed this way of life to heal. Then in late 2020 after drinking alcohol most days for almost 4 months my liver started to fail and many more hospital visits ensued again. I really am not sure how I am here sharing this story actually. Then approx. 7 months ago came a turning point for me when I had been a High Raw Vegan for approx. 3 months and I was still finding I would drink alcohol occasionally and eating cooked simple foods ( such as dry baked vegetables). At this point, I was still feeling lethargic , my mental health still suffering and I was needing to still be in bed a lot of the time. So I guess Chronic Fatigue ( or as I see it an inflamed body ) really hangs on . Then a point came where I said, “ Skye what are you willing to do for your health ? “ and my answer to my self was easy, “ I would do anything!”. So from this point on I just kept listening to how my body responded to the foods I ate and I at this stage I also made other lifestyle changes slowly towards all things natural too. Though, I promise you it was leaving all things I knew behind and just embracing Raw Veganism , that completely changed my life. I am just so well now and it happened so quickly too. I felt the difference within just a few weeks of going Full Raw and the best part of this way of life is you actually just continue to feel better and better as time goes on. So here are some of the miracles I have in my life now: it starts with springing out of bed full of energy most mornings, going up 2 dress sizes and I am now a healthy weight, I have no medications or doctors in my life, my hair and nails started growing again (as I had just about lost all my hair ) and many other benefits too. My days now start off with dancing, walking and swimming, I have started working again after many years. I also have now moved out of home and not only do I not need a full time carer anymore- I am a support worker for the disabled myself. The biggest blessing that raw foods has also given me is love. I have so much time and fun with all my family and friends now and I missed out on this for so long too. And of course about all those many many health issues I had- ALL GONE! And I am now actually told often now that I glow- Amazing! I have to say that another amazing gift from all of this is that I have just fallen I love with raw foods and creating raw recipes. I also have started to blog my Raw Vegan journey, lifestyle and recipes as I just love all it can do for people & it seems many are interested in the journey I have taken to find my health too. Thank you for reading this. I feel so deeply the need to share my journey. I do think if one person can go through all this and then heal with the power of Raw Food then my journey is worth sharing.
  7. Hey Margo, Give some consideration to becoming much more interested in what your body is telling you than looking for answers outside. I say this with love. You seem to have a predetermined idea of where to you want to be, in terms of the food you believe is ideal. But your body is telling you something different. What foods do you eat when you feel like you're, "giving in"?
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  9. If you drive 3 hours to another city and check-in to your hotel, go to your room and there are: chips, crisps sugary, salty nuts chocolate lollies, candy sugary drinks alcohol Stop: and set yourself up to not consume these. How I do it is via taking a little smoothie maker with me and make a green smoothie the minute I walk into my room.
  10. Thank u so much for sharing! I will definitely check out his channel. Anything and everything will help. I’m grateful 😊
  11. Hi Margo - relating very well with your post - I jumped into raw vegan last November- I was as well already very much into veggies fruits and nuts (lactose vegetarian) - however found myself crying for help in the transition- I joined Raw Vegan Rising community and no regrets- Shane is on YouTube - there you will find details to become a member of his Raw Vegan Heroes community- subscribe newsletter etc. Enjoy the Raw Vegan journey 😀🍉🥒 muriel
  12. Alert! This is not as beautiful as Russell's stunning food pics❣️ I achieve my goals of eating at least 2 pieces of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables a day, plus grains, seeds and nuts. It starts with my breakfast - a weird looking thing, but delicious and doesn't get me hungry again for hours - so therefore, no snacks!
  13. I am 50 and have eaten lots of fruits and veggies throughout my life so I’m used to that. I have also eaten a lot of everything else too. I want to be fully raw, but I am having a terrible time with cravings and headaches. So sugar, carbs etc. I work 50 plus hours a week so I do keep giving in just so I don’t feel so bad at work. I’m looking for some tips, advice, experiences that may help me through my journey, and getting me where I want to be. XOXO
  14. Hello! I'm very pleased to announce the new Community Forums here at The Raw Chef. Everything is completely free to view and participate. You will need to register (free) in the top right to post a new topic or join in a discussion. This forum is entirely separate from our Academy Forums. Those will remain a place to get support for our courses and livestreams. I'm very much looking to build a supportive and friendly place here. I also want this to be an incredibly useful community for newbies and veterans alike. That's why I've included spaces for community created recipes and restaurant reviews, along with spaces for culinary questions and a more general space for questions about the raw food lifestyle. You can use the same email if you're registered for both. Technically your passwords for both could be the same if you set them up as the same, but they are still two different logins. Of course, at the beginning of a forum like this it will take some time to build. So please do use it as much as you'd like; post new topics and answer other's questions if you have something valuable to share. Above all, please be respectful and supportive.
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