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  1. In my opinion, a raw vegan lifestyle is here to improve our lives, makes us live a more fulfilled life whilst being healthy. But healthy is more than food, it’s also about exercise, mental health etc. Okay… exercise. But everyone says you need a good amount of protein when weight training, in order to build more muslce. Okay.. but I’m so confused how you can get enough protein on a raw vegan diet. In no way am I educated on this topic (protein and raw veganism) but I do know that most raw veganists get their protein from sources which are also a fat source: nuts and seeds. I would really want to know this because honestly, anyone can be healthy in their own way and for me, I found that strenght training is something I love. Yet I’m also aware of the amazing benefits of raw veganism, of the way it improves both your mental and spritual life: it’s truly astonishing! I need to find a way to combine lots of raw vegan food in my life with a sufficient diet that supports my needs. So far, I’m not really hearing too many people talking about this. So I hope you can maybe help me out, if you have any tips. All the best and thank you.
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