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  • Green Smoothie Hack when travelling to another city, staying at a hotel: Make this the minute you get to the room...

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    Linda from e-RAW

    If you drive 3 hours to another city and check-in to your hotel, go to your room and there are:

    • chips, crisps
    • sugary, salty nuts
    • chocolate
    • lollies, candy
    • sugary drinks
    • alcohol

    Stop: and set yourself up to not consume these. How I do it is via taking a little smoothie maker with me and make a green smoothie the minute I walk into my room.


    Prep Time: 3 minutes
    Cook Time: blitz in a processor

    1 or 2 bananas 🍌

    1 medjool date

    lots and lots of greens (rocquette, lettuce, kale, silverbeet etc) 🥬

    1/2 an avocado 🥑

    1 teaspoon of green protein powder


    BLITZ 👊  DRINK 🥤  and then relax.

    We eat/drink what we have access to and in accommodation venue's it's typically highly ultra-processed sugar, salt and fat things.

    Pack a little box of healthy food and make yourself a 'treat' that your body will thank you for.


    Process in a smoothie processor - a little one you can take away with you.


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