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Russell James

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I'm very pleased to announce the new Community Forums here at The Raw Chef.  Everything is completely free to view and participate.  You will need to register (free) in the top right to post a new topic or join in a discussion.

This forum is entirely separate from our Academy Forums.  Those will remain a place to get support for our courses and livestreams.

I'm very much looking to build a supportive and friendly place here.  I also want this to be an incredibly useful community for newbies and veterans alike.  That's why I've included spaces for community created recipes and restaurant reviews, along with spaces for culinary questions and a more general space for questions about the raw food lifestyle.

You can use the same email if you're registered for both.  Technically your passwords for both could be the same if you set them up as the same, but they are still two different logins.

Of course, at the beginning of a forum like this it will take some time to build.  So please do use it as much as you'd like; post new topics and answer other's questions if you have something valuable to share.  Above all, please be respectful and supportive.

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