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Raw vegan: but what about protein?


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In my opinion, a raw vegan lifestyle is here to improve our lives, makes us live a more fulfilled life whilst being healthy. 

But healthy is more than food, it’s also about exercise, mental health etc.

Okay… exercise. But everyone says you need a good amount of protein when weight training, in order to build more muslce. Okay.. but I’m so confused how you can get enough protein on a raw vegan diet. In no way  am I educated on this topic (protein and raw veganism) but I do know that most raw veganists get their protein from sources which are also a fat source: nuts and seeds. 

I would really want to know this because honestly, anyone can be healthy in their own way and for me, I found that strenght training is something I love. Yet I’m also aware of the amazing benefits of raw veganism, of the way it improves both your mental and spritual life: it’s truly astonishing! I need to find a way to combine lots of raw vegan food in my life with a sufficient diet that supports my needs. 
So far, I’m not really hearing too many people talking about this. So I hope you can maybe help me out, if you have any tips. 

All the best and thank you. 

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It's a great question and well articulated.

My suggestion is go to with your own experience here and try out different things to find the mix that works for your weight training, how you feel mentally and how you feel spiritually.

Take the stories you've heard of other people's experiences and be interested by them, whilst also knowing we're all different and you'll have your own experience that almost certainly won't match up exactly with what you've heard.

I do think protein supplementation is necessary for someone lifting weights to gain significant muscle.  Not everyone will agree with that and that's OK.  I've been around long enough to know people will claim you can get all the protein you need from fruit.  That's not been my experience.  I'm not referring to anyone specific, I've just seen it over and over.  In several cases it's come to light the person was taking steroids.  Again, I'm not naming names.  I'm just making the point you never know what someone is actually doing, Vs what they put online.

Luckily it's very easy to do vegan protein supplements.  One in particular I like is Fortagen.  It's a fermented mix of amino acids and unfortunately doesn't taste great.  It does digest very easily though and will not cause bloating for most people.

If you want something better tasting, you could give Raw Sport a go.

If you're happy with what you eat now, from a workout perspective, bring in small changes for a few weeks at a time and see how it feels in your body.  With some dedication to that you'll be able to find the right blend for you at any point in your life.

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