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One month Raw - do I give away my cookware now?


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I have been eating raw for only one month and am loving it! I want to clean out my kitchen cabinets and am wondering should I go ahead and give away my stock pots, cookie sheets, muffin tins, etc?  Or are there any uses for these with a raw diet...before I clean out...?

Any tips or advice is appreciated!  Thanks

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Hi Jeanie,

There are definitely uses for some tins and baking pans in raw food.  It depends what size they are.

I suggest holding on to them for now.  You never know what might become useful in the future and you might decide at some point you want to cook something again.  One month is still quite a short amount of time, but I do understand the excitement 🙂  If you have somewhere you can store these items whilst you're not using them, you're able to give yourself time to see if you need them.

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