Sauerkraut Crackers

These Sauerkraut Crackers are not only beautifully piquant, they strike a perfect crumbly Vs crunchy mix and, oh, they’re also full of gut friendly probiotics. … Read more

Raw vegan lasagne on a blue plate and white table top

Raw Vegan Lasagne

Raw Vegan Lasagne is perhaps the most quintessential classic raw food dish. I’d say it’s probably introduced more people to raw food via retreats and … Read more

Vegan kimchi in a bowl, with a jar of kimchi behind on a wooden suface

How to Make Vegan Kimchi

Is Kimchi vegan? Can vegans eat kimchi? Does Kimchi have meat or shellfish? Normally, kimchi is not vegan.  But this recipe for how to make … Read more

The Persimmon chutney is served as a topping for a tree nut cheese with vegan cracker. The dish is served on a blue plate.

Persimmon Chutney

 I’m now fully in love with these autumnal treats.  The thing about persimmons is they need to be ripe, otherwise they tend to be be … Read more