Buy Both Foundational Courses Together and Save 20%

The Raw Chef Foundational Courses Bundle

The Raw Chef Foundational Bundle is a very powerful set of courses designed to help you get raw food into your every day as quickly and easily as possible.

Combining the simple Weekday Raw recipes, none of which need a dehydrator, with the powerful health benefits of the recipes in Raw Fermentation at Home, will mean that you'll see the raw food glow in your eyes, skin and hair very quickly.

Both of these courses offer certification and digital badges, so you can show your friends and family what you've discovered. Who knows, when they see you looking radiant with more energy, they might even get involved themselves.

Buy both Foundational Courses together and save 20% (save $119) 

Weekday Raw 

Weekday Raw

One of our most popular, this course shows you how to be ‘Weekday Raw’. That means easy to prepare meals, that still look impressive and will help you add more raw to your everyday life. This course is broken down by season, and includes tips on how to lightly cook plant-based foods that go well with these raw food recipes.

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Raw Fermentation at Home

Raw Fermentation at Home

Discover how truly alive food can be. Learn about the delicious and vibrant art of raw fermentation, for probiotics packed food and drinks. Eating this food daily will help your internal flora grow in abundance and boost your health to new levels, making your skin glow and your eyes and hair shine.

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Buy both Foundational Courses together and save 20%

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