Healthy Smoothie Recipes

I love healthy smoothie recipes!  Like juices, they are often a first step to a healthier lifestyle.

What’s the difference between juices and smoothies?

Juices have had all of the fibre removed, so the nutrients go straight into the body.  They need minimal digestive energy, so can be extremely energising.  I’d also recommend staying away from too much sweet juice, since it can be easy to cause a sugar spike.  If you want a sweet juice mixing it with sparkling water (a naturally carbonated one) can be a real treat.

Smoothie are blended.  They might also include some juice, but that will be blended with something like mango, avocado or banana.  Smoothies might also use nutmilk or another nondairy milk as a base, perhaps with some frozen fruit and superfoods.  They are more of a blended meal.  Blending breaks down the cells of the ingredients, also making them easier to digest.  Check out the section below for healthy smoothie recipes.