Whether you want to add one or two raw dishes to your family’s table this Christmas, or throw a 100% raw Christmas dinner extravaganza. . .
Holiday Raw Foods can show you exactly how.
Christmas is coming up
It’s a time to enjoy the love of your family and friends, celebrate and be thankful.

Because food is such an integral part of Christmas, there’s an opportunity to really be more mindful of the foods you’re eating.

I’ve found there’s two different paths you can take.

The first path is where you start letting yourself off the hook a bit.  Your normally healthy routines start to erode, because, “hell, why not, it is Christmas after all”.

Maybe you’ve even started down that path already.  Maybe just a little bit?

I’m having fun with you here, and I say this with love.  But at the same time, I really want you to think about your health at this time of year.

I absolutely want you to have fun with your friends and family, and I want you hold a standard for your own health and wellbeing that truly serves you, beyond just popping another sugary chocolate in your mouth, “because it’s Christmas”.

If you’re around friends and family at this time of year your healthy eating habits can stick out like a Red Delicious in a box of Granny Smiths.

And when Love, togetherness and connection are the themes, it kind of sucks to feel separate.
Feeling separate and left out
So what’s the other path?

Let me explain that path with a little story…

When I first got into raw food, I was living in a house share with 2 friends.  There ended up being 5 of us around the dinner table for Christmas dinner, and while they had their turkey roast, I had prepared a raw walnut and sunflower loaf (I’m trying to avoid calling it a ‘meatloaf’) with my favourite: stuffed mushrooms.

I must admit, it felt a little bit strange to begin with.  I felt the difference in what I was eating versus what my friends were eating, but as we started, I realised the really important thing that I was with friends, and that we were connecting.

It was the conversation and the laughter that made it for me.

After a few bites, I felt completely at ease. And then after the meal, I felt so energised and proud of myself for doing something so positive for my health.

In subsequent years, whenever I’ve been around a family dinner table at Christmas, people have always wanted to sample my food, because it just straight up looks so much nicer.

And my raw mince pies are enough to completely replace the traditional pies, without the need to tell anyone they’re raw!
Almond Crust, Red Onion & Goji Chutney, Cashew Cheese
Mincemeat Ganache Tart, Brandy Cream
They'll ask you for the recipes!
It’s entirely possible - with the right guidance - for you make beautiful, exciting raw foods this Christmas.

Foods that honour your health commitments to yourself, but that also make other people around the table kind of jealous of your food.

Here’s a tip if you’re the guest at someone else’s house. . .

If you’re worried about being a pain in the ass, or being ‘that girl or guy’ who is doing this raw food thing and making your hosts do things especially for you, then ask if there’s anything they’d like you to contribute to lunch.

You can say that you’re trying out this raw food thing and that you’re really excited about it, and you’d love to make a contribution with your new found skills.

Even if you just eat the food you’ve taken, along with some of their cooked veg, you’ll be having an awesome, delicious and healthy Christmas meal.

I warn you now though.  Be prepared to email recipes to your friends and family the day after Christmas, because they will ask.

Once people know what you’re into you might get a few nice surprises too.

I had a Christmas day meal once where the host had been on to my site and made my pomegranate cheesecake, without me having any idea until it was served to me.  So cool!  

Main Dishes
Savoury Pumpkin Tart
Kilted Sunflower Sausages, Maple & Chipotle Aubergine
OK, I admit, I'm not perfect
It’s funny though, even when I thought I had it down, there were years - even since finding my way with raw food - when I just got carried away with the spirit of the season.

Before I knew it, I was eating Christmas dinners, drinking beer again for the first time in years, and topping it all off with chocolate after chocolate.

I’m not here to demonise those things.  What I’m saying is that it wasn’t actually how I wanted to eat, because of how it made me feel afterwards.

But I still did it!  Can you relate?
Focussing on the favourites
But then things changed for me.

I realised I was setting too high of an expectation for myself and trying to do too much.

The stress and expectation of trying to be a perfect raw foodie at Christmas must have made my inner child rebel.  Or something like that.

I decided to bring the joy back into my festive food offerings, and just focus on a few of my favourite recipes.

I can’t tell you how much easier it made it to have some of my favourite recipes that I knew always worked, and that I only made at Christmas.  This made them more special to me.

And in fact, still to this day, when I make these recipes I always promise myself I’m going to make them more often. . .they’re just so good.

Recipes this good shouldn’t just be kept for Christmas! 

Don't sabotage your New Year
And that’s why I put this page together for you.

I want this to be a healthy Christmas for you.  That means eating foods that you feel really good about.

I want for you to be able to make recipes that show off your love of healthy food in a way that piques other people's’ interest.

Imagine a Christmas where you feel included, nourished and that enables you to move into January healthy and happy.

Imagine getting that running start into the new year.

It makes everything else so much easier to go into 2016 with momentum in your eating habits, rather than having to do what 99% of other people do, which is to get massively unhealthy at Christmas, and then try and fix it with a new year’s resolution.

And we all know how successful New Year’s resolutions are :)
My Recipes for You
This course is a collection of those recipes I use at Christmas myself, plus some others that we just add this year.

That means it includes my absolute favourite Kilted Sunflower Sausage with Maple & Chipotle Aubergine (seriously good) along with 13 other recipes to choose from.

So  you can go full out with a 100% raw Christmas day spread, or you can pick a couple of favourites and go with those.

Either way, you’ll have fun testing which are your favourites and which get the most interest from your friends and family (probably best to make extra, because they’ll be pinching food off your plate for sure).
Mince Pies
Pecan Sage Stuffing
Create some Christmas magic in your kitchen this year
Whether you want to add a couple of raw food dishes to your Christmas dinner, or do a full 100% raw Christmas Day spread, the recipes in this course will show you how.

  • 14 HD videos with downloadable PDF recipes.
  • Videos will play on your computer, iPad or phone.
  • We've kept the videos short, between 1 minute and 4 minutes.  That means you could go through all of the videos and see EXACTLY how each one is created in under an hour.
  • That means you can spend your time in the kitchen, creating these dishes, referring back to the videos quickly and easily, whenever you need to!
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