Raw Chef class

[Update: Since I wrote this post, I have produced home study programs available online and on DVD.]

In my last post, I asked if you’d like me to do an online version of my home study course, and I got an overwhelming response … over 140 comments and still going!

The general theme of the comments was that you really would like me to offer this, so I am going to.

I also got some really great ideas on some of those comments as to what extra you’d like to see in that online version of my DVD course.

I’d really like more of those ideas …

So in the comments below, please leave me some more suggestions as to what you’d would like me to include in this course.

The course is essentially going to be an online version of what’s in the DVDs, but the beauty of online is that I can add extra videos as we go — both for the online members, and the buyers of the DVDs to access too.

So I’m open to helping you in any way I can as far as extra information is concerned.

Please go ahead and leave me some ideas/requests/wishlists below, and I’ll see what I can do.