Eating raw foods socially

I had a couple of people on my Facebook page ask me what I do in social situations like eating out at restaurants or friends’ houses.

This seems to be a real sticking point with some people and stops them even trying to eat raw, so I thought I’d repost here.

Here’s my current thoughts …

Q: Do you ever eat cooked foods, Russell? What happens if you go for dinner to friends and family who are not raw, or to a cooked restaurant?
Q: Yes, I was wondering the same thing? How do you cope, don’t you find the raw life style antisocial?
A: I allow myself to be Ok with doing the best I can with any situation.

Raw food for me is not about constraints but about having more options.

It’s also not, for me, an all or nothing lifestyle. So in my normal everyday life I’m all about the raw. šŸ™‚ But if someone invites me to dinner and they’ve made me a nice veggie meal, or I go to a restaurant and I can get a good veggie option, then I’ll do that.

Then after that experience, I’m right back on the raw foods I love so much. Often though restaurants can put something raw together for you, especially if you call ahead.

I’ve seen so many people be more successful staying with raw foods by cutting themselves a little slack in the social situations, as far as raw food is concerned.

The main thing is to think ahead about how you feel about it so it’s all a conscious decision that you feel happy and guiltless about, not a corner you feel backed into.