Raw Dehydrated Corn Chips

Crunchy corn chips, perfect for dipping and sharing.

If your raw cracker repertoire has only ever extended to flax crackers, it’s time for you to venture out ?

The longer you leave these corn chips in the dehydrator, the crispier they will get, which makes them perfect for dipping in Cashew Sour Cream, or a simple salsa during a movie night at home.

I’d definitely advise making several batches, as they keep really well in a sealed container. This recipes yields 2 dehydrator trays, so you may as well fill up your dehydrator whilst your at it, and maybe even 3x or 4x the recipe!

Right about now, if you don’t intend to get a dehydrator any time soon, you’re probably wondering if you can make these without one. I made a video on that here.

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Raw Dehydrated Corn Chips

Crunchy corn chips, perfect for dipping and sharing

Nutrition (For one serving)

Calories: 283kcalCarbohydrates: 47gProtein: 10gFat: 10gSaturated Fat: 1gSodium: 1179mgPotassium: 719mgFiber: 11gSugar: 1gVitamin A: 60IUVitamin C: 66mgCalcium: 63mgIron: 2mg


  • 4 cups frozen corn defrosted
  • 1 yellow bell pepper de-seeded and roughly chopped
  • 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
  • ½ cup flaxseed ground
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • ¼ cup water or up to 1/2 cup for consistency


  • In a food processor or blender, blend all ingredients except the flax/linseed until it’s smooth.
  • Add the flax and blend again until thoroughly combined.
  • Spread the batter between two nonstick dehydrator sheets and score into the shape you desire.
  • Dehydrate at 115F for 8-10 hours, flip onto a mesh tray and dry a further 12 hours or until crisp.
  • Store in an airtight container for several months.


Rate This Recipe
4.67 from 63 votes
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November 9th, 2018

18 thoughts on “Raw Dehydrated Corn Chips”

  1. Mine were very thin and runny and way too vinegary. I might try again with more flax and only 2 teaspoons of vinegar rather than 2 tablespoons.

    • Hmm, interested. Not sure why yours would be too thin, but flax will fix that, as you mentioned.

  2. Hi Russell, i just happened upon your Instagram page and was blown away by your recipes, especially this one! However, I am following a Ketogenic WOE and wanted to know if and how I could make these keto-friendly? Thank you

    • Hi Mary, thanks for your comments. I’m not too familiar with Keto, so I’m not sure how you would make these Keto friendly.

  3. Love your recipes, but prefer your videos in which you present and talk about what you are doing. When just using music it feels very rushed and not as informative.

  4. Hey Russell, I have attempted to make the corn chips again, since ground flax is not a favourite of mine, I opted for 1./2 cup of dry chia seeds. I also changed your formula instead of 4 cups of corn used 2 cups of corn and 2 cups of organic peas to make up for 4 cups. The rest of the ingredients are the same. I made two batches since I had a few shelves in the dehydrated “open”.. for two trays I added 2 tablespoons of hemp seeds and to the other 2 trays I added black seeds also called as Nigella or Kalonji. Do you know of this seed.? The black seeds are grown from the bushes of Kalonji and are grown widely whole in India. The mixture came out perfect, very spreadable and I was able to get a yield of two trays from each batch. I am curious how this combination will work as to taste LOL … Thanks Russell for your continued support and ideas. You are very much appreciated. Best, Kasi

  5. Hi Russell- I made the chips-they tasted good, but they were not crunchy. . Any ideas what went wrong? BTW- I love your recipes…. this is my first epic failure

    • Hmm, difficult to say, but I’d say you need to leave them in longer and maybe turn up the temp a little. Did you use frozen corn?

  6. 11-13-15

    I know it’s been a minute since you heared from me, Russell GREAT Recipe.

    I got a SIMILAR Recipe from YOUR teacher MATHEW KENNY in his BOOK, Everyday Raw.

    I substitute FLAX SEEDS with FRESH 100% Ground Chia Seeds ADDING Buckwheat Groats to make them
    even more CRISPIER, similar to what BRAD does with his Commercially Available Raw Crackers sold at WholePaycheck,
    Moms and Erewhon in the USA.

    Problem they’re sOoOo Damn Good, I eat them all just about with RAW SESAME BUTTER before I take them out the Dehydrator Tray.

    Furthermore, I use YOUR Raw Recipe for wraps substituting FLAX SEEDS with GROUND CHIA SEEDS.

    Based on your OLE COMPADRE’ David AVOCADO Wolfe research, consuming to much FLAX is bad do to ESTROGEN Dominance of FLAX SEEDS,
    as well, to much OMEGA 6.

    Consciously I made the switch to CHIA SEEDS receiving the BENEFIT of more OMEGA 3 which HUMANS need more of this dense nutrient lacking in their diet.

    Bought that EXCALIBUR EXC 10 EL a couple of years ago, I’ve gone BANANAS with RAW FOOD !!!!!!

    Last and not least, JUST FOR FUN, I’d like to SEE YOU in the FUTURE do some RAW FOOD HACKS of Popular Commercial RAW FOODS, such as BRAD’S, NAVITAS RAW SNACKS, and GO RAW, others to numerous to mention..





    Less, I forget, I’VE FAILED miserably attempting to make a RAW COCONUT WRAP out of COCONUT BUTTER and/or OLD BROWN COCONUTS.

    Any Rationale WHY Young Coconuts are the EXCEPTION to this RULE and not Coconut Butter or Old Coconuts, I’d love to know the SCIENCE behind this Theory ???!!!!

    Are Commercial KALE CHIPS other Raw Foods really RAW and Dehydrated below 118 – 120 Degrees ?!

    I can buy a Commercial Brand Kale Chips and Crackers they continue to be HARD AS BRICK several months after I purchase them.

    When I make my Kale Chips and/or Crackers they get soft in a matter of days or hours they sole reason I inquire whether or not they are actually RAW
    Dehydrated below 118 – 120 Degrees

    FCB from D.C.

  7. Hello,
    Thanks for sharing as these look very tasty! Although, I am not able to eat corn. Is there another veggie that I could add to make a nice tasty raw tortilla like chip instead of increasing the flax? Maybe increase the bell peppers or add carrots….what do you think? Thanks again!

    • Yep, you could certainly try more peppers and add carrots. Let us know how you get on 🙂

  8. Hi Russell, I have made many of your flat breads and crackers, but I must say, the corn crackers which I pulled from the dehydrator today 11/13 are fast becoming my favourite along with the fennel bulb and chia “flat bread” cracker. One thing I noticed on your video your corn mixture appeared much thicker and more easily spreadable and you were able to score them far better than my mixture which having followed your recipe to the “T” did not quite look as nice as your mixture. After spreading my mix on the dehydtrator sheets, it was very difficult to score the mixture due to it being runny. The fennel and chia were very much th e same only the chia did bulk up the mixture more so than the recent corn mixture. I wonder if I needed a little bit more of the ground flax. What are your thoughts? The corn crackers though wafer thin, taste absolutely fabulous. the flavour was spot on. I made a batch of caraway, fennel, Kalamata Olive Macadamia Nut Cheese to pair off with the corn crackers and was thrilled as the stainless steel ring “plating” molds arrived today 11/13 and had fun molding the cheese, for the first time, ( I have in the past just placed all my nut cheeses in a dish and scooped it out that way). The plated cheese is now sitting in the fridge overnight. as I am curious how it would hold up when I slice a wedge from it so I can show off and post a picture on my face book page LOL… I agree with you this cheese is a tad grainier than the others I have made from your Cheese E-book I have had for a couple of years. . All your recipes I create and post on my FB page I link your name to the recipes so all the Raw foodies who pass on by and “like” my food posts will be led to your website too. ! Your food and food photography are fabulous… Best, Kasi

    • Hey Kasi, I would suggest adding a little more flax to the recipe, yes. It’ll def thicken up then.


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