How to Make a Raw Food Meal

This time last year (2011), when I was living in Austin, Texas, I had just come back from a trip and was hungry, with nothing prepared in the fridge.

Dan – who does my videos – was with me.  So we took the opportunity to film a quick little video, showing you how you can whip up something amazing, with very little prep, once you know how to put these ingredients together.

I went a little above and beyond what I would normally make, because I wanted to show what was possible.

But in reality, you could just make one or two elements of what I made here and still have an amazing meal.

Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below.

I mention a link to my courses at the end of the video. You can check out all of our online raw food courses here.

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August 26th, 2012

76 thoughts on “How to Make a Raw Food Meal”

  1. This was pretty Amazing to watch! And now I am so hungry.
    It’s really inspiring seeing you making the food.
    I will absolutely try this tomorrow so I will have to watch it again then.
    I’m enjoying all of your videos, drewling over the food you make and getting inspired to try it My self. I love spending time in kitchen experimenting, and I need to do it while I’m quite new to raw food. But I love it!
    Thank you for sharing all this wonderful recipes

  2. Just made everything in the video, plus Falafels (had to do them in oven slowly, just wish I had someone to clean my kitchen in between…..
    Only difference was I mad my Ryce similar to Aaron Ash, with cauliflower,carrots & courgettes.
    As a family of Vegans we are gradually adding more ‘Raw’ to our diets. Thank you for your inspiration.

  3. You inspire the crap out of me. I wish I could afford your course right now but will need to do a bit of saving first. Thank you for sharing such lovely knowledge on raw foods in such a warm and accesible way. I am rather new to this and great Chefs like you are quite hard to come by.

      • I gathered the funds for your homestudy/dessert courses payment plan(thanks for that option) and I am learning sooo much. I’m looking forward to gathering all the equipment bit by bit so I can really throw down. I want to master this and share the goodness.

  4. please remember your uk followers, what is hicama? or is it, hikamer? or whatever and cilantro is known as corriander in uk. Are you bilingual now?

  5. I am just starting with raw food and green smoothies is about what I can do. So I will just visualise myself coming home and improvising a meal like that with no big deal!!!!

  6. Thank you for this. Very helpful insights. One comment and one question, though I more than understand you may not have time to answer.

    Question: my husband can’t eat yeast, is there an alternative to make a raw cheese?

    Comment: Have you heard of a Thermomix? With all that you do I can’t help but think it would seriously make your life easier! Recently my husband was diagnosed with a serious illness which means we have had to change to more of a raw food diet [how I found you]. It would have been much harder to cope without the Thermomix…. Anyway worth a look if it helps…

    Have a look here:

    • Yes, you can leave out the nutritional yeast and add a little more garlic, lemon and onion powder. It’s not the same flavour, but it does compensate for the flavour you lose.

      I have heard of the Thermomix, yes. It’s a good alternative to the Vitamix, with some added extra benefits πŸ™‚

  7. Great video and I like the idea of what you are trying to do but I have to confess it was a little to long for my liking….definitely think you could have got most of your points across in less video time. Still great though. Thank you for sharing.

  8. WOW! This is definitely one of the better food blogs I’ve ran across and this post in particular was very helpful.Ive only been experimenting with raw for about 3 months and sometimes its difficult to figure out what you are to do with the extra produce you have other than throwing it in a salad. So inspiring and simple too! Thanks so much for your inspiration πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Russell,

    Thanks for your video I love your impromptu so to
    speak videos where just adding some of this and that still makes for a
    visually delicious meal. I’m sure the taste is amazing as well not just
    to the eye.

    I really don’t focus to much on whether you cleaned
    your veggies or not I was looking at what you can throw together when
    you need to pick up something after traveling as you say. So no Biggee

    Yes you out did yourself in the video and that’s ok, when
    I’m making something quick it’s really not that fancy maybe the romaine
    lettuce, nut mheat, and some other topping like carrots. I like how you
    built it up, I’m not quite there yet having something come to mind and
    it being a real complete meal.

    Thanks for your video they really
    inspire me. I really wanted to participate in the life time membership
    but unfortunately living in Los Angeles and working for the School
    System has really taken a toll on my pocket book. I have so much
    potential and would love to be 100% raw but at this time it’s not
    possible. Hopefully with time I can find ways to cut corners and make
    that possible.

    I purchased your Binder Edition and love it I
    find the ingredients to be a bit on the expensive side I was wondering
    if you will be creating more recipes on the less expensive side but with
    a lot of flavor. I know when you don’t have those quality ingredients
    it makes for something mediocre either way delicious.

    A fan always God bless.

    • Hi Kitty,

      Thanks so much for your comments, I really appreciate it.

      Yes, you can certainly just make a few elements of what I made here and still have it be a complete meal. You could also substitute the more expensive nuts with cheaper options such as sunflower or pumpkin seeds.

  10. Hello Russel,
    I just made the sunflower pate and the marinated mushrooms. It was so easy and I just experimented with the things I had–lemon instead of lime–lime would have been so much better!,but I could taste all the different components. I’ve been a little slow about trying things because I thought they were too complicated and you need a dehydrator. Thank you so much for getting me off my duff, it was delicious!

  11. The food looks great, but it seems that you do not travel that much, since to put that together will take you 2 1/2 hours trip included to ghe grocery. The last thing you want to do when traveling is to go to the grocery and if you have tomatoes in the fridge those do not last more than 5 days. It seems that your trip was very short and if you leaver your house for 5 days most likely you will have stuff in your fridge. Great food, but not quick.

    • Hi, yes, I was away just a couple of days, but I’m not sure how that translates into having food in the fridge in the way you described.

      The idea of the video was just to put something together, with a quick trip to the store, without needing to get involved in looking at recipes. It wasn’t about making food with any particular situation, like travelling, in mind.

      Obviously, everyone will have different ingredients at different stages in their cupboards and fridge, so I was hoping that by watching the video, someone watching might see that they can take some of the ideas and apply them to whatever situation they might be in.

  12. Your talent, professionalism and creativity comes through in this video. It was very inspiring. You are top notch Russell!

  13. Dear Russell!
    So inspiring to see your success and videos, I missed the days at 105 when you where our instructor!
    Big Moy!

  14. I don’t wash my produce either generally if it’s organic, which I think is absolutely fine, honestly! We already live in an overly sterile society! A bit of dirt is good for immunity, and keeping everything ultra sanitized is actually worse for your health. Nice recipes, looks delicious!

    • Thanks, Tess. I’m o that mindset too. It’s interesting in the US, because there seems to be hand sanitiser everywhere possible that someone might have to touch something.

  15. Will you please put the recipes you created here……the jicama salad, the sunflower seed pate and also the cashew “cheesy” sauce? Please?
    Thank you!

  16. Will you please put the recipes you created here……the jicama salad, the sunflower seed pate and also the cashew “cheesy” sauce? Please?
    Thank you!

  17. fabulous! I am a professional chef and I can tell that you are one to….I would so love to eat what you just created….

  18. Hi Russell
    I would surely love to view your video but for some reason it is not finishing the loading process so that I may do so.. I have tried 3 times now. Is thee another link to the video that i may try?
    I would love your recipe for sunflower seed pate. IS it anywhere else on your site? I can’t seem to find that either…
    Just want to let you know I think all you do for all of us is wonderful !
    In-joy your spiritual re-treat !
    Love’s richest blessings to you … Carol

    • Hi Carol,

      I’m not sure why the video isn’t playing, it seems to be working fine here and for everyone else I checked with.

      I don’t have another link, as it’s just on my blog, but you may want to check your system or try reloading the whole page.

      That sunflower seed paste is similar to the one for the “refried” beans in my Mexican eBook.

  19. I agree with starbird – why didn’t you wash the vegetables and herbs? – I know they’re organic, but really!

  20. How interesting to watch you. The first thing that I notice is that you put that dirty mushroom package on your cutting board. Then you pulled the mushroom out and without washing them you cut them up. The same with the cilantro… you didn’t wash it. Jus imagine how many people have touched that bunch, maybe sneezed or coughed on it, who knows what else… and you put it into food. You did the same with the jalapenos, the romaine and the sprouts … Ewwww. But you did do one thing I cannot figure out is how you used the Cuisinart by taking the lid and simply placing it on the bowl without having to use the mechanism to twist the lid and place the center so it will actually start working. How did you do that? The recipes look wonderful, other than the lack of hygiene for the food.

    • Hi, thanks for the feedback.

      When I’m making food for myself, I tend not to be as strict when I’m making food for other people. I think we live in an overly sanitised mentality, and I’m completely comfortable with having some organic vegetables that aren’t washed.

      To operate the food processor like that you just leave it turned on at the controls and stop/start it by opening the lid.

  21. I enjoyed this Video and all aspects of getting to have a birds eye veiw. I wish you well on your Spiritual search. I found that the cleaner my diet, the higher quality ingredient foods that I ate, the deeper my walk with Christ became as my natural need to be physically fed is met my strongest desire was no longer based on actual food, my desire shifted, I had a strong desire to be Spiritually fed. Which is now satisfied by reading and studying the bible and spending time in prayer and praise. I just wanted to share that with you. You have given some much to me and I am very grateful always for your generousity and kindness and I walk by the principle that as one sows, so shall we also reap. So get ready for a big harvest in your life my brother because you have sowed many many seeds of kindness, love, sharing and knowledge to us all.Big hugs.

  22. Cool Russell, great video I missed it last time, too bad I didn’t see this while in the US cause we have no jicama or chipotle here and I love them too! Take care, Amy

  23. Love the market you were shopping in. I found the music in the background while you were choosing your veggies was a bit overpowering. I wish your voice could have been louder than the music, and the music just used as a soft background.

  24. ummmm!!!! jummy!!! me ha entrado hambre!! ojalΓ‘ pudiera probar ese platillo. Muchas gracias Russell!!

  25. Chef Russell, I love you!! Thank you sooooo much for sharing this, it’s fantastically inspirational!

  26. Great recipes !! In terms of a negative, I would prefer you to have had the food pre chopped, washed and labels removed. If you are a little impatient ( as I am ) you could be bored and wanting the video to move quicker. You could do with the amazing Thermomix Russell in place of the old processor. Once again, really do love your recipes, well done!

  27. sunflower seeds need to soak overnight then sprout for a day. The sprouting processes transforms the dormant seeds from a starchy carbohydrate to a living food of fats, proteins and sugars.
    Starch is not a food, fats, proteins and sugars are.

    • Thanks, Dan.

      This was really a case of wanting to make something with what I had at the time, so admittedly, it wasn’t ideal.

      Do you have a link to the info that shows how starch converts to fats, proteins and sugars, that might help people?


      • that re energises my commitment, so need the instant part I guess always have something soaking is a good habit to get into.! good to know about the soaked sunflower seed transformation.

      • I’m from Austin…are you here quite a bit? I would love to attend a seminar of yours if you ever are here again.


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