Quick Glance at Raw Food Styling

Has food photography ever been so popular?

Whether it's making your friends jealolus about what you're eating by posting to Facebook and Instgram. . .

Or maybe you have your own website or blog.

. . .Taking great photos of amazing food seems to have become a new life skill :)

But it's easy to get it wrong (you've seen those nasty looking food shots, I know you have) and turn people off.

So when you post beautiful photos of your well presented raw food and invoke a feeling of, "I want to eat that" you're showing everyone how awesome raw food can be.

That's why I created this Raw Food Styling course: I take all my own photos and can guide you to do the same. . .create mouth watering shots of your raw food.

Don't be surprised if your friends invite themselves over to yours for dinner!

How Does This Course Work?

Raw Food Styling is broken up into six short and manageable modules in The Raw Chef Academy.  Over the course of eight weeks, you'll be able to get feedback on your images, after implementing what you've learnt in the modules.  Your images are posted in the Facebook Group for ongoing feedback and to be used in any live session we do on Facebook.

What Is The Raw Chef Academy?

The Raw Chef Academy is an online learning area at therawchef.com for members of all our courses.  We provide a structured place for the courses, lessons and modules, so you have online, on-demand and instant access to this and any other course you join us for.  For this course, once you join us you'll have 24/7 lifetime access, so you can continue to learn from the lessons even after the eight weeks has passed.

The Modules

Module 1. Before We Start

This module is all about laying the foundations and getting to you set up, to the level you want.

This doesn't mean you have to go out and spend loads of money on equipment and props, as you'll see. In fact, you've most likely got lots of things you can already use.

Module 2. Food Photography Foundations

We'll talk about the basics of food photography and natural light, and also how to develop your personal style.

Module 3. Camera Jargon Breakdown

ISO, white balance, RAW VS jpg, aperture. . . argh!  What does it all mean?

In this module I'll give you a run down of all the technical terms, so that you can get past all of the acronyms and industry terms and actually know how to use the settings on your camera to get the image you want.

It's not about learning these terms off by heart, it's about having a basic understanding, so you know which setting does what.


Module 4. Your Space & Your Props

This isn't about buying a ton of new 'stuff'.  You can create lots of beautiful photos from a few props bought cheaply, along with a few backgrounds you've made yourself and/or purchased.  I'll also take you on a trip to a wood reclamation yard with me, to show you what to look for to create the best backgrounds very cheaply.

I'll guide you through this module with ideas and instruction on how to best use your props in the space you have.

Module 5. Composition

This is one of the most powerful modules.  With a few simple rules (they're more like guiding principles) you'll start to see the food on your plate (including the table, knives, forks and anything else in the image) in a completely different way.

We'll take a look at focus, depth of field, rule of thirds, composition and how you create your 'scene'.

Module 6. Editing Your Photos

I'll show you some basic editing (which is all I do) in Aperture and also Light Room.  Aperture is for Mac and Light Room is for both Mac & PC.

I'll be showing you an organised workflow for storing and editing your photos to give them a final touch and really make them stand out and look  professional.



Q1. Do I need a really expensive camera?

No, but at some point during the course, we find most people want to upgrade a little.  We'll give you advice on this in the lessons, as well as being there to answer equipment questions in the Facebook Group

Q2. Will any live sessinos be recorded if I miss one?

Yes, all of the live are recorded and posted in the Academy within 24 hours, so you have access to them whenever you need,

Q3. What if I get behind or don't think I can give this my full attention for 8 weeks?

Honestly, it's normal to get a little behind and then catch up at different points.  I do this all the time with online courses I'm part of.

The great thing here is that you'll have lifetime access to the course, so there's no need to feel pressured into finishing quickly.

Q4. I'm a complete novice, will this course be suitable for me?

Yes, absolutely!  Most people on the course the first time around were beginners and learned to take more and more professional photos as the weeks went by.

Also, to reassure you, we have a full money back 30 day guarantee.  If it's not for you, just email us before 30 days and let us know, for a prompt and courteous refund.