Free Raw Desserts Mini-Course

"Learn how to make decadent a beautiful Raw 'Grasshopper Pie' by following these 3 simple & short FREE video lessons"
What You'll Learn in This Mini-Course
How to make a charcoal biscuit crust.  This stunning raw charcoal biscuit base looks incredible with the green Grasshopper Pie filling, but it would also be amazing for any kind of tart filling you want to use, to show it off to friends.
How to make a bright green tart filling, using either matcha powder or spirulina. You'll also learn how to make mini cookies to decorate the cake and turn it into an epic crowd pleaser.
Create stunning coconut cashew piping cream. . . To finish this incredible dessert, you'll be learning how to make a simple, light coconut cashew cream to pipe around the edges.  This is notoriously difficult to do with raw ingredients, but Amy's recipe and technique will make it easy for you.
Your Instructor
Amy Levin
Amy is a professional chef, a consultant to some of the most well known raw chocolate companies, and has dedicated her career to raw chocolate and desserts.

Amy's recipes always work: they not only look good but taste great too.
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