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Welcome to episode 1 of The Raw Chef! We’re kicking off our inaugural show with a very special guest, Karen Knowler. Karen is the creator of The Raw Food Coach, as well as a Hay House author and a dear friend of mine.

Karen and I met when I took a raw foods class with her, and we later became friends. Not only did she help me with recipes, she also helped me create this business. She came up with the The Raw Chef and she’s the reason you are listening to this show today!

On this episode, we’ll be talking about Karen’s journey into raw foods and creating her business, The Raw Chef. We’ll explore topics like how to cope when you are changing and no one else around you is, why she left London and what it was like to run The Fresh Network before ultimately becoming The Raw Food Coach.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How did she first find out about raw food?
  • Why didn’t she agree to take over The Fresh Network right away?
  • Why the power of choice is so impactful for people’s raw food journeys.
  • What was the original purpose behind her business, The Raw Food Coach?
  • How did she know she had found her true calling?
  • And so much more!

More About This Show

When Karen first got into raw food when she was 20. She had grown up working in her stepdad’s butcher shop, and piqued her curiosity about food. She was increasingly less and less interested in eating meat, and more interested in becoming a vegetarian.

But her family were all traditional meat eaters so she kept her interests to herself til she was able to leave home. By 19 she was vegetarian and by 20 she was vegan. Not long after going vegan, she found raw food from the book, Raw Energy. Based on what she found in the book, she began experimenting with the raw food lifestyle.

In her early experience with eating raw, the first few months were mostly about the physical transformation: she lost weight without trying, she gained tons of energy. She says she felt like wonder woman and often had to work out twice a day just to release all the energy she felt!

Physically she felt more alive and mentally she gained more acuity and clarity. But she also felt emotionally isolated and often found herself wondering if eating raw was worth it because she felt so separated from the people in her life.

At 25 she left London, and went to countryside where she felt more at home. She worked part-time in a meditation center, which was perfect for her. She also had the incredible opportunity to spend the rest of her time building The Fresh Network.

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If you don’t know of it, The Fresh Network was the UK’s first raw living foods organization; it was founded in 1992 by Susan Miller. The organization was meant to support and inspire and educate anyone interested in eating more raw foods, whether they wanted to eat raw 100% of the time or just a portion.

Karen found it in 1993, and was ecstatic to find a resource that understood her journey. She reached out to Susie about working for the organization periodically. For years there was nothing available, Susie ran it entirely herself.

But in the early part of 1998, Susie called and asked if Karen would want to take it over. Initially Karen said no! Even though it had been her dream for years, she wasn’t eating raw 100% of the time and she felt she needed to if she was going to run The Fresh Network. As she explains on this episode, she eventually agreed and ran the network for 8.5 years.

By the end of 2006, Karen realized it was time to move on from the network and start The Raw Food Coach. It was her calling: she knew there was a need for people to be coached during their raw journey and to help others feel the connection she had lacked during her early years.

During today’s show, Karen recalls the initial offerings of her business from the classes to the one on one conversations, as well as what she is doing today. We also talk about why people are drawn to be raw food coaches, and why there’s such a strong need for a variety of coaches today.

Be sure to listen in for all of that and more on the first episode of The Raw Chef!

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