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Whether or not you’re a raw foodie you know the term “green smoothie”. It’s popular nearly everywhere today, and our guest was part of its inception.

Sergei Boutenko, son of Victoria Boutenko, is joining us for episode 3 of The Raw Chef. He’s well known in the health food world of his own accord, but nearly everyone has heard of his mom because she was first person to create the name green smoothies and popularize them.

On today’s episode with Sergei you’ll hear how she put their entire family on a raw food diet, why she explored the idea of green smoothies after they became raw foodists, and why he explored the results healthy people could have from simply adding a quart of green smoothies to their daily intake. You’ll hear what he found and much more on episode of The Raw Chef!

In this episode you’ll also hear:

  • Why did his mom smash their microwave when he was a kid?
  • The story of how the green smoothie was born.
  • What Mark Twain can teach us about honesty.
  • What will make aging more graceful and fun?
  • Is when you eat as crucial as what you eat?
  • And so much more!

More About This Show

At the age of 9 Sergei became a raw food convert. His mom made everyone in the family join in because they all were given a medical diagnosis. His sister had asthma, his dad had hyperthyroidism, and arthritis. Sergei was diagnosed with diabetes and his mom had arrhythmia, an irregular heartbeat.

His mom was alarmed that her kids were sick at such a young age and set to work to help them. With research, she found that changing a person’s diet could change a lot of their health problems. So despite protests from her family, she put them on a strict raw fruit and veggie diet to help alleviate their symptoms. She even took a hammer to the family microwave and demolished it!

Sergei says he was able to stick with it because within a few weeks of eating raw he felt drastically better. So even though he didn’t love the taste of the food at that age, he decided it was worth it to keep eating raw foods.

Initially it was amazing for everyone: they all felt better, their symptoms were going away (or gone) and they acclimated to the dietary changes. But over time they noticed they were getting tired in the afternoon and sometimes their skin would become dry and cracked. Sergei’s dad’s hair even went grey prematurely.

Again his mom dove into research mode. She let go anything she believed to be true about nutrition and began exploring everything (even the nutritional content of chicken nuggets!). She wanted to know what they were missing in their diets, and she soon found it. The answer was greens, greens as a whole are some of the most nutrient dense foods on the earth.

This was in the early 1990s, far before it was cool to eat greens! So Sergei’s mom had to find ways to add more greens to their diets. She came up with the idea to add them into their smoothies. The family’s health started to flourish after that.

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Sergei has followed in his mom’s footsteps and continued to be a part of the health food movement. In 2013, he made a movie called Powered by Green Smoothies. It was fueled by the question of how could green smoothies help healthy people?

He had helped his family hold over 45 green smoothie retreats all over the world. At each event he watched sick people come to the retreat, drink smoothies, exercise and rest – then leave drastically improved in just one week!

So he was curious if it would make a difference for healthy people too. So he rounded up the healthiest friends he had to see what would happen if they added one quart of green smoothies to their daily diets.

He took 5 ultra runners (ultra runners are people who run up to 100 miles in a race) and 5 Cross-fitters. He put them each on a green smoothie protocol. They signed a contract saying they would change nothing else in their diet or lifestyle – they had to keep eating and working out the same as usual, with the addition of one quart of green smoothie to their diet.

At the end, he analyzed their blood, urine, endurance, 53 different markers. He personally made green smoothies for all of them, and his efforts were worthwhile as everyone saw profound changes. It was a revolutionary pilot study for certain.

Today he talks more about that experience, as well as the difference has exercise made in his health and why he is working on his second documentary, I Want Abs. Listen in for all of that and more on episode 3 of The Raw Chef!

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