Carly Morgan Gross

Have you ever considered intuitive eating – the practice of listening to and eating what your body tells you it wants? For some this concept conjures up endless days of brownies, chips and pizza. But our guest today says our bodies naturally crave healthy food and with the right foundation they will ask for it.

On today’s episode, Carly Morgan Gross joins us to talk about her journey into raw food and later into intuitive eating, as well as how she coaches women through the process of intuitive eating. We also touch on intermittent fasting, and how to neutralize foods from being “good” or “bad”.

In this episode you’ll also hear:

  • When did raw food become her chosen lifestyle?
  • Can you ever cleanse too much?
  • How to break the shame/guilt cycle around eating “bad” foods.
  • Why calorie restriction doesn’t work.
  • Why men are experiencing body image issues too.
  • And so much more!

More About This Show

Carly Morgan Gross became interested in healthy eating at a young age, around 15 she began dieting for weight loss. Her mom was exploring the vegan lifestyle and sparked Carly’s interest in healthy eating by sharing books and other information with her. Carly suffered from IBS, acne, low libido and no menstruation, and she knew food was the medicine to heal her.

She began doing studies on her own and in school, diving into Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, raw foods, etc. By 19 Carly was a raw foodie, a journey that led her to the intuitive eating path later in life.

On the topic of intuitive eating, she says your body actually wants you to thrive and create the greatest health possible so it will lead you to make good choices if you know how to listen to it. To get to that point where it asks you for healthy food, there is a process you may go through. She has coached many of her female clients through this process. Sometimes it means eating brownies until your body is sick of them, and it asks you for a salad or a smoothie!

At a certain point your body will tell you it wants healthy choices because your body has a way of regulating itself, as long as you have the foundation of healthy eating and nutrition. She helps her clients create that foundation and then guides them through the process of learning to listen to their bodies and find their own intuitive eating path.

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She also helps her clients to stop shaming themselves for their food choices; she helps with their negative self-talk. She explains that it is way more detrimental to shame yourself for eating certain things than it is for actually eating the food itself.

For most of us it is not sustainable to eat perfectly every day, exercise perfectly and sleep perfectly. Most of us have a lot going on in our lives from families to careers, etc. So it’s important we stop making our self-worth based on how “good” we were that day – how much good food or bad food we ate, how much exercise we did or didn’t do and how much rest we go.

Instead, we must take lessons from every experience, get curious about what we can learn from every opportunity and stay out of the negative self-talk and stop guilting and shaming ourselves.

Carly goes on to say if you resonate with what she is sharing, you probably have a list of good/bad foods that you tell yourself you can or cannot eat. She recommends you neutralize that list –  otherwise you are giving the bad foods a lot of power.

Instead give yourself permission to eat anything you want, then those bad foods aren’t quite as seductive and enticing. When foods are neutralized it’s a more empowering and sustainable approach – just like a diet isn’t sustainable when solely approached for weight loss. So instead of eating “bad” foods we will choose to nourish ourselves when those “bad” foods are no longer seen as bad or off limits.

Also on this episode with Carly, she tells us why calorie restriction doesn’t work, what intermittent fasting is and I share what I’ve learned from participating in CrossFit! Listen in for that and more on today’s edition of The Raw Chef!

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Carly Morgan Gross


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