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This week I’m talking to Jenna Zoe, who is doing some really incredible things in making a healthier lifestyle accessible to everyone. That is totally what we are about here at the Raw Chef Experience, so it is an amazing episode for you all to enjoy. We dive into Jenna’s vegan journey, which actually began with her trying to clear her skin of acne. She describes how she was sort of an “accidental vegan” and the amazing results she got from her new lifestyle.

Like so many people who change their health through the food that they eat, Jenna found that it gave her whole life a new direction, helping people take small steps to getting healthy in realistic ways. For Jenna, her new diet was often bland and she knew that if it was going to be for the long-term she was going have to make it fun!

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

  • How did Jenna start her vegan journey?
  • Why cleaning up your diet can be a double-edged sword.
  • Discover Jenna’s balance with fats, and living on a local diet.
  • Learn Jenna’s perspective on adding back foods into her diet.
  • The core business mission of Jenna’s Food and Drink.
  • One of the biggest triggers that lead people to eat healthier.
  • The story and inspiration behind Skinny Lemon.
  • And so much more!

More About This Episode:

Whilst working as an assistant to Tamara Mellon at Jimmy Choo, Jenna studied nutrition and spent all her free time making indulgent-tasting foods. She is now the author of two incredible cookbooks, Super Healthy Snacks and Treats and Plant Based Paleo. Jenna’s Food and Drink was born out of a natural desire for greater access to products with integrity, and those things she desperately wished would exist to make feeling good and having fun one and the same.

Jenna created a range of food and drinks in hopes to fill the gaps of social life for those unable to divulge in the pleasures such as going out for drinks or having a dessert from time to time. She created Skinny Drinks, which is perfect for mixing with alcohol and isn’t filled with sugar, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners. She also loves the fun of a diet soda, like many people, so instead of missing out on it altogether, Jenna wanted a better way to fix her cravings.

Upcakes is another one of her creations that are sweet treats free from wheat, sugar, dairy, and eggs. Jenna believe in small indulgences that positively feed the emotional body. She loves sweet chocolatey things just as much as the next person, and these Upcakes are the healthier versions of all her favourites.

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