Amy Levin Podcast

On this week’s podcast I’m joined by Amy Levin. Amy and I have worked together a lot over the past few years. She has such an interesting journey of pursuing her passion, doing what she loves, following the clues and her bliss to see where it ends up.  She is a world authority on raw chocolate making and is also an amazing chef who has helped created content on The Raw Chef. Amy is also a co-creator of The Raw Fermentation course, and The Raw Desserts course.

In this episode we focus on Amy’s journey, as well as diving into the topic of “is raw chocolate really raw?” and if that truly matters. We finish up with some ideas on how you can get quickly into chocolate making, with some easy tips to get started.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

  • Hear Amy’s background, her food journey, and how she came to work with raw chocolate.
  • Find out how Amy began to work with children with autism, and their specific diets.
  • Amy shares about her time at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.
  • Why realizing that everyone is different is an important distinction to make in nutrition.
  • How Amy found herself working as a raw chef with no real experience.
  • Learn how the science of raw chocolate making comes into play.
  • Why the love of chocolate making went out of it for Amy, and how she got it back.
  • How Amy found out that she was truly an artist and why that was a huge gift to her work.
  • Hear Amy’s perspective on the debate between raw chocolate versus cooked chocolate.
  • And so much more!

More About This Episode:

Amy is a classically trained professional chef who found her way into the vegan and vegetarian raw food industry while training to be a holistic health counselor at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. After working for several of the UK’s most respected raw food and chocolatiers, Amy applied her new found talent and knowledge to her role as Senior Sous and Pastry Chef to World Renowned Executive Chef, Chad Sarno at Saf London and Munich.

Amy currently teaches raw chocolate classes in South London and consults with businesses who wish to implement only the very best raw chocolates and desserts into their menu. She has already published three eBooks; A Passion for Raw Chocolate, Raw Fermentation and What is Raw Chocolate? She has now released her Raw Chocolate classes as online courses. Her work with raw chocolate is truly revolutionising the way people make raw chocolate the all around the world. 

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