Todd Acamesis

Today I got the chance to talk to Todd Acamesis. Todd has so many experiences to share, and on this episode we focus in on lucid dreaming, but really we could have talked for ages. Todd also has a mind spa called PandoraSpa that has light machines that can change the frequency of your brain and put you in certain states, can train your brain to perform better standards. We touched on outer body experiences, synchronicity walks, but really dove in deep on the topic of lucid dreaming.

The concept of lucid dreaming is becoming lucid in your dream, becoming aware that you are in a dream, directing that dream, and finding out what’s in your subconscious. You don’t have to expand your thinking about whether or not this is possible; this is a scientifically documented thing that anyone can do. It just gives you the chance to explore your subconscious and come to all kinds of realizations. We really dive into what that means and how to do it. Todd shares his practical advice on getting into lucid dreaming and as well as his personal out of body experiences.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

  • Hear Todd’s story and how he came to be involved in lucid dreaming and out of body experiences.
  • Learn about the Synchronicity Walk and how they help us tune back into our true self.
  • Understand the benefits of lucid dreaming and out of body experiences.
  • Todd shares examples and stories of others experiencing lucid dream states.
  • Discover how to apply lucid dreaming to your professional career, to practice your skills.
  • Learn how trusting your instinct at pivotal points in time can lead you to deeper meaning.
  • Understand how loving actions through example can build trust for others to open up.
  • What is a dream journal and how can it help you recount and record your dreams.
  • Todd shares the importance of focused breathing techniques to create imagery in your mind.
  • And so much more!

More About This Episode:

Todd Acamesis started having lucid dreams when he was six years old, and right off the back off that started entering out of body states of consciousness. Todd knew that he was able to start taking charge within the dream state and direct his experience. At that age, he assumed that it was something that everyone experienced. It wasn’t until a few years later through talking about his experiences with classmates that he realized this wasn’t something that everyone was experiencing on a regular basis.

Lucid dreams should be a natural thing for many people to experience from an early age. However, you need that external support system because your emotional muscles are not yet developed enough that you are able to get the most of it. Todd’s mother loved that he was able to describe these experiences and she could tell that he really was doing something different and interesting. She was a very spiritual person, so she went along with him on this journey.

Today Todd is a trained remote viewer and a self-taught out of body explorer and lucid dreamer. He also loves learning about the brain and the different brain wave states that can lead to experiencing different states of consciousness. This can be anything from managing stress, anxiety, depression, and jet lag to training the brain so that we can cognitively advance what we’ve got to where we can think faster and speed up the processing power of the brain.

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