Denisa Ratulea

In this week’s episode I’m joined by Denisa Ratulea. Denisa is a health coach, plant based chef, and Reiki healer. She’s the founder of Second Nature, and the author of Cooking For Your Heart as well as co-founder of Raw Transylvania Adventures and Health Connection Retreats. After years of living in pain due to a severe Scoliosis, Denisa started her journey in order to heal her back and reduce inflammation to prepare for spinal surgery to remove the rods that had been put in there by adopting an alkaline plant based lifestyle that transformed her life.

She went from being sedentary and often being in pain, to a complete makeover, losing over 15 kilos and performing various sports, and actually finishing her first triathlon while still having the metal rods and screws in her spine. Denisa embarked on a learning path with a mission to explore and experiment with food and nutrition in order to find what works best for us and the planet in the 21st century, and she’s now helping other to rediscover their full health potential and fall in love with good food and healthy eating.

In this interview we get into Denisa’s upbringing in rural Transylvania, Romania, which is a real place as you’ll hear her tell us. As with so many people that find themselves in wellness and plant based foods, her start in life really was anything but that. You’ll also hear how the anti-inflammatory effect of raw and plant based foods helped her recovery from having those metal rods removed from her back and now how she’s ultimately helping others transition into this lifestyle.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

  • Hear Denisa’s story of growing up in a village in rural Transylvania, Romania.
  • Discover as Denisa shares how everything her family ate was straight from their farm.
  • Denisa shares the events of when she found out about her scoliosis diagnosis.
  • Find out how Denisa continued to live her life to the full, despite her condition.
  • Hear the story of when Denisa discovered that the rods in her back had broken.
  • Discover how Denisa used her father’s passing as way to start helping others in his memory.
  • Understand why empathizing with others is truly all they need when experiencing loss.
  • Learn what lead Denisa to transition her lifestyle and how a Tony Robbins event impacted her life.
  • Find out why Denisa suggests starting a raw food diet in the summer rather than winter.
  • And so much more!

More About This Episode:

Denisa’s story starts in the mesmerizing land of Transylvania, Romania where she got a real feeling of what it means to have your hands covered in soil and go through the year according to seasonal change. Her father was a farmer and he taught her from an early age to respect and appreciate mother nature. The freedom she experienced growing up was suddenly taken away after a diagnosis with Scoliosis and undergoing corrective surgery that left her with metal rods and screws attached to her spine.


Struggling with the loss of her father and the belief that this was what the rest of her life would be, threw her in a very black hole, battling depression for many months. Denisa knew she had to make a choice to change the way she was living. After attending Unleash the Power Within with Tony Robbins, Denisa realized that she really wanted to change her eating habits to regain her innate health and take charge over her struggling body.

She began exercising daily and focused on developing and giving back to people. While transitioning to a plant-based, vegan diet Denisa lost all her unnecessary weight and significantly decreased the pain in her back. It helped her come alive again, and today she is qualified as a nutritional therapist. Now, after 10 years of dealing with pain and learning to love and treat her body with the right things, she helps others to do the same, by building sustainable habits.


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