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On this week’s episode I’m joined by Dr. Jennifer Daniels, and this is the interview I’ve been so looking forward to sharing with you. Dr. Daniels is quite a character and is now living in Panama, which came about due to a string of events that started with her really questioning the pharmaceutical medications that she was giving out and the solutions she was traditionally trained to provide.

As she started to move towards a more holistic approach, she got her a lot of unwanted attention. She was also part of other campaigns in her community where she felt there was some wrong doing that needed to be put right. This led to her having to surrender her medical license, and landed her on the terrorist watch list!

Dr. Daniels is a great advocate of Turpentine Therapy to tread Candida and parasites within her patients. She really is the one bringing Turpentine Therapy back into the mainstream awareness after a couple of generations of it being lost. She shares more about the background of where Turpentine Therapy came from and how it got lost over the years.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode: 

  • The events that led Dr. Daniels to become a fugitive in Panama.
  • How Dr. Daniel’s got onto the terrorist list.
  • Daniel’s self-experiments with Turpentine Therapy.
  • What is Turpentine Therapy, and how does it work?
  • The Story of how Dr. Daniel’s discovered the doses and combination of Turpentine and sugar.
  • What is the purpose of sugar cubes in Turpentine Therapy?
  • Why Turpentine Therapy gives you an instant rejuvenation.
  • Other external uses of Turpentine.
  • The story behind why Dr. Daniel’s developed the Vitality Capsules.
  • And so much more!

More About This Episode:

Dr. Daniels studied at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and she received her Medical Degree and her MBA concurrently when her studies concluded. While in medical school, she was concerned that patients were not improving with the therapies she was being taught to provide.

Later on, while practicing medicine, Dr. Jennifer Daniels noticed that, despite compliance on the part of patients, her patients seemed to worsen with the standard care she was taught to provide. Instead, she decided to give patients a choice between standard care and natural therapies. With these natural therapies, Dr. Daniels found that the death rate in her medical practice went from four a year to zero.

Although her patients were improving, they will still not fully cured. Dr. Daniels went out in search of a solution to get her patients back to where they were before they ever got sick in the first place. This is where she re-discovered Turpentine Therapy, so she dove into experimenting on herself to learn more about the results so that she would be able to help others.


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