Adam Stansbury

This week I am joined by Adam Stansbury, who is The Plant Powered Personal Trainer. Now Adam has just got such a really interesting background in bodybuilding and fitness modelling, and you will hear how he did that the traditional route; eating animal products, having rib eye steaks, and all that crazy stuff.

Adam tells the story of how he found himself needing operations for Ulcerative Colitis, and shares how he eventually found himself on a plant based diet as a PT. As a plant based eater himself, he is now training others who are both plant based and not plant based. He just has such a unique and practical experience of teaching this in the real world, getting real results, and really getting to see both sides of the coin.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

  • Hear Adam’s story and how he was first introduced into fitness and training.
  • How the “perfect body” pressure has increased for men.
  • Adam’s past mindset of feeling imprisoned by his need for protein in each meal.
  • Why Adam needed four major operations, and how he got through it.
  • How a shoulder injury led Adam to start making changes in his diet.
  • Adam’s advice on how to find the correct supplements for your body.
  • Why Adam believes that society is protein obsessed today.
  • What it means to have an understanding for other people’s choices.
  • And so much more!

More About This Episode:

Adam’s personal journey with fitness began early on when he was in his early teens with playing tennis. He eventually began training in the gym when he was 19 years old and the bodybuilding and aesthetic side to the fitness industry really got drew his interest. In 2003 Adam began a six year journey of fitness modelling, and even magazine cover shoots. However, in 2006 Adam discovered that he was suffering from the digestive illness Ulcerative Colitis, which required him to have four serious operations over a two years timeline.

After his recovery, Adam turned his hand to Fitness Modelling shows and began my Personal Training career in 2009. From there he went on to enter several fitness modelling shows, won awards alongside his gym. In 2014 Adam decided to make the change to a Plant Based Vegan Diet for ethical and environmental reasons. He believes that changing the world starts with changing yourself first, and that the one thing we have complete control over that makes a huge impact to our environment is the food we eat.

When Adam made the switch, he did lose weight initially. However, once his body adapted he was able to rebuild a physique that is the same in statue, weight, and strength. Today Adam works with training clients to help them add lean muscle to their physiques while strictly eating a Plant Based Diet. Adam is healthier and fitter than he has ever been and continues to have a passion for discovering new creations with food that he never thought was possible.


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