Richi Watson

In this episode I am joined by Richi Watson, host of Wellbeing Now Seminar and founder of LifeWell UK. Richi was kind enough to let me speak and demo at his event over in Essex in 2016. What really struck me about his crew over there are the people that both were putting on the event and that were attending the event were incredibly awesome. What an amazing crowd of loving people.

Richi is an incredible individual and he has had so many health challenges, more than anyone could be expected to overcome. He has done it with grace and love and compassion for himself and those around him. Richi has just become this amazing person who has got so much to share, and so much love and compassion to give.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

  • Hear Richi’s story and how he had struggled with health issues since the age of 8 months.
  • Lean how Richi adapted to his health issues, and why it was completely intuitive.
  • Richi shares one of his biggest life-changing moments, as his body completely gave out.
  • Understand the differences between those who overcome their challenges and those who don’t.
  • Find out how Richi decided not to get stuck on his illness, but to move on when he felt well.
  • Learn about Richi’s appreciation meditation technique and evening ritual.
  • Discover Richi’s tips and strategies for working through periods of anxiety.
  • Understand what it means to receive the messages from our feelings and emotions.
  • Find out why needing patience is another form of stuffing feelings down.
  • Learn more about Richi’s company, LifeWell UK and their mission.
  • And so much more!

More About This Episode:

Richi Watson uncovered empowering tools for self-healing during his childhood adversity with debilitating illness. He discovered a mental approach to life, which allowed him to overcome his difficult circumstances. Richi studied Philosophy, Psychology, and Buddhism in his academic journey, which was cut short by his poor physical health. However, life provided a different kind of education and opportunity for enlightenment.

Richi had already climbed a ‘life mountain’ using integrative lifestyle approaches to heal his body of it’s chronic health conditions in his late twenties, overcoming severe anxiety, but his greatest challenge was yet to follow as his wife descended into very severe mental illness after giving birth to their daughter. Through the years of intense challenge Richi needed to delve deeper into his own self-mastery in order to help care for his wife, remain free of the abuse directed at him, and raise his daughter to be as healthy as possible despite the turbulent environment she was born into.


Richi is a pioneer of integrative wellness, loves studying philosophy, and is a visionary and a uniquely qualified teacher. After experiencing sever pain and illness as a child, Richi went on to finally heal his body of it’s chronic health conditions in his late twenties. Today, Richi teaches the life transforming understandings he uncovered, which allow us to live emotionally and psychologically free lives, unleashing our optimal thriving health potential.

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