Joel Gazdar

This episode I’m talking to Joel Gazdar. Joel is the Executive Chef and founder, along with his wife Aiste, of Wild Food Cafe in Covent Garden, in London. The cafe is just gorgeous surrounded by a beautiful area. The cafe is all about providing innovative plant-food for the new generation of movers and shakers, and transforming humanity’s relationship with food.

Joel joins us today to talk about his story and how he came to open up the cafe. We also dig into Joel’s personal health journey as well. Joel was on a 100% raw food diet for 10 whole years, and he shares his experience in that and how he feels about being 100% raw, and where he is at now. Joel has some incredible perspectives. We also dive into the concept that it is our responsibility to take ownership of our lives and it’s not about “them”. Lots of really great knowledge in this episode, and I know you are going to get a lot out of it.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

  • Hear Joel’s journey and how he got onto the path of exploring the raw food lifestyle.
  • Find out why it is important to trust the authority inside ourselves, instead of placing it outside of ourselves.
  • Learn why Joel believes that in life we should take responsibility for our own reality.
  • Joel shares the story of how he was inspired at age 11 to pursue his life’s journey.
  • Understand more about the parallels between architecture and humans living with nature.
  • Hear the incredible story of how Joel opened his restaurant with very little experience.
  • Joel shares about his time transitioning from 100% raw towards a more vegan diet.
  • Find out why Joel believes we should be more connected to our hearts than our heads.
  • Learn how to embrace the paradox of life, being balanced between the polarities of ideas.
  • Joel shares why experiencing something in nature is paramount to the mechanical, industrial lifestyle of today
  • Hear more about the breakfast rituals and caring atmosphere at the Wild Food Cafe.
  • And so much more!

More About This Episode:

Joel Gazdar and his wife, Aiste, are the incredible owners of the Wild Food Cafe in London. Their mission is to re-connect people with the sustainable sources of delicious and nutritious plant-food and inspire a movement towards the regeneration of thriving individuals, communities, ecosystems and biodiversity around the world.

As executive chef, Joel is focused on freshly foraged wild and artisanal ingredients, slow raw-food processes, and a commitment to organic, heirloom produce that has preserved its medicinal benefits, vitality, and nutrients. The underlying theme of their menus is aimed at ingredient choices and their own personal way of living, which is all about inviting their guests to see the commonly known dishes in a new and innovative light that is gentler on our bodies as well as the environment.

Joel loves to experiment in the kitchen and continues to open his doors to more biodiversity, culture, and taste of the plant-food world on their plates. At Wild Food Cafe Joel and his wife celebrate the idea that food alone is not the answer to our health, wellbeing, and happiness. But rather, that we are a heart-centered enterprise that focuses on all aspects of holistic nutrition, thriving as an individual and with the community around us.


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