Sophie Trew

On this week’s episode we are talking to Sophie Trew. Sophie has got an incredible story about how she found out about her cancer diagnosis at age 23. We really get into some of the emotion and answering questions from the perspective of those who have not had a direct experience of a cancer diagnosis. The questions we dive into are about what happens when you get a diagnosis like that, the mechanics of how the news gets told to you, ad the steps you take afterwards.

Sophie has an incredible gift to give to the world, I hope that you are inspired by what Sophie has created and is creating off the back of her story that she’s got to tell, helping others who have gone through the treatment to really rebuild their lives and make sure it does not come back.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

  • Sophie shares the story of her life growing up and the lifestyle that led to her cancer.
  • Hear more about Sophie’s dreams and passions for helping communities in South America.
  • Find out how a visit to the chiropractor coincidentally saved her life.
  • Discover why our busy lives and non-stop activity can lead to inflammation and disease.
  • Sophie shares her cancer diagnosis journey and her experience through each phase.
  • Learn how cancer has “woken” Sophie up to be aware of everything she puts into her body.
  • Find out more about the perspective shifts that Sophie’s friends and family experienced.
  • Understand the importance of self-care and mediation in Sophie’s recovery journey.
  • Learn more about what Sophie does right now, and her cancer awareness festival.
  • And so much more!

More About This Episode:

With a journalism degree and dreams to work on a documentary as Louis Theroux’s sidekick, Sophie had traveled to Colombia to make her first short documentary. When she returned from her trip, a lump appeared on her neck. After facing constant low energy levels and experiencing night sweats, Sophie headed to the doctor.  The doctors first suspected tuberculosis due to the South American trip, but they finally realized that it was in fact lymphoma.

The next day after hearing the lymphoma news, Sophie was having her bone marrow out and told that she needed immediate chemo for 6 months. She soon decided how important it would be for her sanity to take an active role in her recovery, focusing largely on exercise and eating well. Sophie started sharing her journey and everything she learned on a video blog. The first time she walked onto the cancer ward she was terrified. Everyone had no hair and looked very ill. The cancer ward eventually became Sophie’s comfort zone, and a place where she felt secure.

Today, Sophie’s real mission is to help others who get a diagnosis, and works with charities that support young women during their treatment. She believes that there is so much that we can do today to live a healthy life, and passing on her knowledge to others continues to be her purpose.


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