Raw Chocolate at Home Courses

All of our raw chocolate online courses are taught by Amy Levin, who in my (Russell) opinion is the world’s best at making healthy chocolate and desserts.

Below you’ll see each of Amy’s individual Raw Chocolate at Home courses. Right at the bottom you’ll see an option to purchase the full bundle at a discounted price.

Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate

Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate

If you have very little or no experience making raw chocolate, this is definitely the place to start.Even if you have some experience, learning Amy’s way will help your more advanced chocolate making.

Candy Bars Truffles & Confections

Candy Bars, Truffles & Confections

This course is more technical and multifaceted than the Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate course. It’s not just about flavour combinations, it’s also about texture combinations and visual layering. When you start combining pastry and chocolate, some new rules apply and so much more possibility opens up.

Home Ground logo

Home Ground

This course is the one that will elevate your homemade chocolate to a professional level of quality. Using a stone grinder to make your chocolate is the way to achieve a highly viscous and  silky smooth chocolate. 

Easter Chocolate Logo

Easter Chocolate

Whether you’ve learnt your chocolate making skills from Amy’s online Raw Chocolatier course, joined her live classes or learnt chocolate making elsewhere, this course will teach you all you need to know about making gorgeous Easter Eggs.

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