Are you ready to take your culinary expertise to the next level…
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Learn to Create Beautiful, Irresistible Meals Using Raw Fermentation… Naturally Delicious and So Simple to Prepare

  • Way beyond sauerkraut…Prepare decadent drinks, cheeses, sauces and desserts - using only the simplest techniques and equipment
  • A fully-mentored journey into the world of fermentation… A complete series of high-definition videos, step-by-step instructions and delectable recipes
  • Presented by two of the world’s leading raw chefs… Russell James, the UK’s most revered raw chef, and Amy Levin “The Raw Chocolatier”, come together to bring a new level of vibrancy to your kitchen

Open your kitchen to the magic of raw fermentation and discover how truly ALIVE food can be…

If you’re interested in bringing the delicious, vibrant art of raw fermentation into your kitchen, you’re going to love our newest and most exciting online study course, Raw Fermentation At Home.

This comprehensive, beautifully presented course will give you the basics of raw fermentation and the confidence to create your own recipes.


It’s our modern twist on an ancient tradition, where we mentor you class-by-class (completely at your own pace) and show you fermentation secrets and culinary techniques that you'll actually enjoy using at home.

Raw fermentation isn’t just about sauerkraut and pickles! You’ll see how this simple, age-old process transforms all kinds of raw foods into irresistibly tasty treats.

Raw fermented foods are the ultimate “set it and forget it” dishes. They require a little bit of planning ahead. Then a few days later, you’re rewarded with nourishing, flavour-packed food and drinks.

You’ll learn to create mouth-watering recipes that will leave caffeine, alcohol, store-bought sauces and processed cheeses in the dust.

In a culture that’s lost touch with the ancient art of fermentation, you will be able to masterfully prepare foods that aren’t commercially available anywhere.

Then, celebrate your one-of-a-kind knowledge by sharing delicacies like fermented Fig and Hazelnut Chutney, Chili Harissa Hot Sauce, and Buckwheat Almond Crackers with your friends and family.

With food this irresistible, reaching optimum health is just a bonus!

Bring your kitchen to life with raw fermentation

Here are just some of the things you’ll discover during the Raw Fermentation At Home course:

  • How to enliven your dinner table every night: Essential techniques and recipes for a huge variety of luxurious raw fermented sauces, toppings, and drinks
  • A whole new world of cheeses: From Macadamia Cheese to Cashew Cheesecake, cheese is about to get a whole lot more exciting… and healthier!
  • Everything you need to know about kefir grains: How to source, grow, dry, blend and freeze them so you always have them on hand to create nutritious water kefir.
  • Why increasing your probiotic intake leads to optimal health: Raw fermentation promotes good gut flora – the key to overall health – with every bite
  • Demystify raw fermentation: Our simple and foolproof techniques will translate easily and fluidly into your existing food prep routine
  • How to preserve an overabundance of garden produce: Raw fermentation allows you to preserve your ripe produce at its nutritional peak for year-round consumption… zero waste!
  • Get creative with kimchi: We don’t just teach one, but three ways to prepare rich, flavourful Korean kimchi
  • Re-energize yourself naturally: Morning, noon or night - we’ve got a recipe that’ll perk you right up while reducing your caffeine intake.
  • Become a “Cheese Platter Party Master”: After your friends taste them for the first time, your raw cheeses are destined to be requested again and again
  • The most incredible coffee substitute on earth: Our very own kombucha latte will bring you miles of smiles; no caffeine, no dairy, but all the flavour of a creamy latte
  • The chutney you’ll NEVER find in a restaurant: Forget sugar laden, sickly sweet chutneys and use our rich, fermented ones instead to perk up any cheese platter or salad
  • Cocktails without the hangover: We’ve got a primo base for clean cocktails that everyone will want to try and that won’t leave anyone with a headache
  • Fall in love with cheesecake again: Enjoy our luscious Vanilla Cashew Cheesecake without an ounce of guilt

Learn to Create Beautiful, Irresistible
Meals Using Raw Fermentation

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Russell James,

The Raw Chef

Russell James has been hailed as the UK’s leading raw chef. After 9 years of “eating raw” and teaching over 57,701+ raw food enthusiasts and newbies alike, James knows first-hand that raw food and fermentation can at first seem challenging to people. This course is a natural extension of Russell’s Raw Food curriculums. It is designed to bring enhanced health and vitality to raw-food enthusiasts and beginners alike by teaching simple techniques for creating irresistible fermented foods.

Amy Levin,

The Raw Chocolatier

This is Amy’s second collaboration with Russell James since their wildly popular “Raw Chocolate” curriculum went live. Amy is the world’s leading raw chocolatier - and a classically-trained professional chef who found her calling in raw food. She currently teaches various raw chocolate and raw food classes in South London, and throughout the UK and North America. Amy is also the author of a popular eBook called “Raw Fermentation”.

My Personal Guarantee… Love Raw Fermentation at Home or Pay Absolutely Nothing

Take a full 30 days to explore everything that Raw Fermentation At Home has to offer. If you’re not completely delighted, then just call us and we‘ll provide a courteous, no-hassle refund… so there’s absolutely no risk to get started.

Here’s what some of my other students have to say…


"Russell, you are the bomb! My Mom and I are enjoying your courses so much. You have opened up a passion for food prep within my Mom that is out of this world. She always had a tough time enjoying food and "cooking". She's found her heart in raw, vegan food prep. Every time I taste one of your recipes, it's like going to culinary heaven. Your gifts are truly remarkable and we are so grateful to be learning with you!"

- Courtney Ragonesi.


"After only the first week in your chef course, my raw prepping skills have doubled! I am so impressed with the course, thank you."

- Saunya O'Dwyer.


"I just started, love what I see, great course, presentation and all, glad I invested the money and the time so far. I highly recommend this course."

- Ruth Tsavousis.


"I'm loving this course! I'm not a new cook but I still learn something new from you in every video whether it is technique, ingredients, or theory. Money well spent."

- Ida.


"Hello Russell. I signed up yesterday for your great online course and got my login info this morning. Since that moment I am like hypnotized, this is mind blowing experience. So far I am more than satisfied. Info is presented in such a lovely, high quality way. I am speechless. Thank you once again."

- Lejla Kasumacic.


"WOW. I just bought this and couldn't wait to get into it so I just went through this entire workbook and WOW...I did not expect all of that, I am truly blown away. You have outdone yourself Mr. James :) I cannot wait to keep going, I'm going to be up all night in the kitchen now!"

- Anonymous.


"I'm only on Week 1 of the course, and I am thrilled. The chart that lists, by cuisine type, the common herbs and spices, fruits and vegetables, and other condiments that complement one another alone is worth the price. And I'm working on my knife skills! This isn't just for beginning raw foodists: it's useful no matter what type of food you eat, and it's great for those of us looking to add some zip to our cuisine once again. Thanks for the attention to detail and the thoroughness of your presentation. There is nothing missing here."

- P. Tippins.


"I have been following my instinct towards a raw lifestyle this year. This course has sealed the deal! Many, many thanks chef. Every recipe has been delicious! This is life-changing stuff!!"

- Michelle Wiley.


"Your course is FANTASTIC. I'm enjoying it soooooo much. Thank you !"

- Jasmine Matthews-Simpson.

Accent your meals with the most vibrant, life-giving foods in the world… with Raw Fermentation at Home

If you’re excited about incorporating healthy fermented food into your everyday life, then Raw Fermentation at Home will show you exactly how to create simple, irresistible food and drink that you won’t find anywhere else.

Once you sign up, you’ll have instant access to all the Raw Fermentation At Home recipes, “how-to” tutorial videos, step-by-step instructions, printable PDFs and the complete curriculum.

Plus, you’ll receive lifetime access to our members-only website, all new content as we add it and culinary advice in our membership portal.

Consider this: If you start Raw Fermentation At Home today, you can immediately begin adding delicious, indulgent accompaniments to every meal you make.

The sooner you begin fermenting at home, the sooner your kitchen – and your health – will become vibrantly alive.

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To Your Health

Russell James with Amy Levin

Russell James
The Raw Chef

P.S. You’ll be amazed how fermentation can completely transform your meals into irresistible culinary celebrations. Sign up here and instantly receive your log-in… with access to all of our original recipes, high-definition training videos and the entire Raw Fermentation At Home curriculum.

And remember, if you’re not 100% satisfied with everything this course has to offer, contact me for a prompt and courteous refund of every cent you paid. You have nothing to lose and a whole new world of vibrant, delicious foods to gain.

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