For people that want to take care of their family's health: How to make the most nutrient dense foods available.
A fun, easy and creative way to having brighter eyes, shiny hair and clearer skin.

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    Russell James &

    Amy Levin

    Your instructors for this course

    Your Instructors

    The entire course is taught by myself, Russell James, and my good friend and colleague Amy Levin.


    Amy and I have a combined 20+ years of teaching raw food techniques and preparation for the home user, gained from our extensive professional chef backgrounds, working in raw food kitchens and training academies.


    What you're getting in this course are fermentation tricks and tips from professional chefs, for you to use at home.


    The techniques we'll share with you are not only focussed on efficiency, but also on flavour. We understand as chefs that if you're going to give this food to others, and to enjoy it yourself, it needs to taste fantastic. We've got you covered on that.

    What will you learn?

    Not really sure where to start with fermented foods?


    We're here to show you exactly where to start, and to make this a fun, creative and enjoyable experience.


    Fermented foods are some of the most nutrient dense foods you can eat.


    Your 'microbiome' and your 'second brain' (more on those in a moment) have a huge effect on your mood. Fermented foods can help with both.


    Bright eyes, shiny hair clearer skin are all reported benefits of a diet with added fermented foods.


    But beyond a simple jar of sauerkraut, how do you bring a variety of fermented foods into your life, in a way you can truly feel and see the benefits?


    Most people aren't sure where to start and get a little nervous about growing bacteria in their food! We'll guide you through it in this course.