Raw Food Snack Ideas

Looking for raw food snack ideas?  We have them for you.

A dehydrator comes in really useful when you’re making raw food snacks, because it opens up more options for you.

My newest favourite raw food snack ideas are the Pistachio Five Spice Macaroons and these Sauerkraut Crackers.

These Mini Flax Pizza Bites are fantastic, especially if you have left over cheese.  Or even better, leftovers from the Raw Lasagne.

Raw Coconut Jerky is a wonderful snack for car trips or even flights.  Spiced Sunflower Seeds are great for that too.

I couldn’t let this section go without recommending Pine Nut Parmesan.  It’s an expensive snack, and is actually meant for salads.  But it’s just so good to snack on.  When you make it you’ll undoubtedly eat a good amount before it’s even ready.