Raw Vegan Zucchini Bread

My Mediterranean Almond Bread (Raw Food Sandwich Bread) caused quite a stir when I posted it, getting me some very kind comments on various discussion boards. It’s so fantastic to know that something I’ve created has helped someone find a piece of the puzzle that they so needed to help them live a healthier life — in this case, an alternative to bread. That tactile feeling of holding something when eating (get your head out of the gutter!) is very important to me, as it is to a lot of people.

When I mentioned, what seems like ages ago, that I was developing a nut-free version of my bread, I had quite a few emails asking me for the recipe. So here it is, and I have to say I’m very pleased with it and have been enjoying mushroom sandwiches for weeks now. They’re so great — once you have the bread made, it’s so quick and easy to build a sarnie! Enjoy!

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Raw Vegan Zucchini Bread

Servings18 slices

Nutrition (For one serving)

Calories: 315kcalCarbohydrates: 36gProtein: 9gFat: 18gSaturated Fat: 2gSodium: 96mgPotassium: 774mgFiber: 9gSugar: 7gVitamin A: 309IUVitamin C: 15mgCalcium: 53mgIron: 3mg


Raw buckwheat bread

  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 1 1/2 cup sun-dried tomatoes
  • 3 cups sprouted buckwheat (1 cup dry before sprouting)
  • 3 1/2 cup courgette or zucchini, peeled, roughly chopped
  • 2 cups apple cored and roughly chopped
  • 3 tbsp lemon juice
  • 2 avocados
  • 1 onion large
  • 1/2 cup parsley minced
  • 1 cup flax meal

Cashew mayo

  • 1 cup cashews
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 2 tbsp onion chopped
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/2 tsp honey or desired sweetener


Raw buckwheat bread

  • Process the olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes, sprouted buckwheat, courgette, apple, lemon juice, avocados, onion and parsley until thoroughly mixed.
  • Transfer to a large bowl and mix with the flax meal by hand. The reason you do this separately (not in the processor) is that you are likely to have too much mixture for the size of the processor at this point. When you add the flax meal, the mixture will become quite heavy and sticky and could overwork your machine.
  • When mixed, process the whole batter in the machine again, but in small batches to achieve a light fluffy texture.
  • Divide the mixture in half and place on Paraflexx (nonstick) sheets on dehydrator trays.
  • Use a spatula to spread the mixture evenly to all 4 sides and corners of the Paraflexx sheet. If the mixture is too sticky, you can wet the spatula to make things easier. Score the whole thing into 9 squares with a knife.
  • Dehydrate for 2 hours at 110-115 F. Then remove the Paraflexx sheets by placing another dehydrator tray and mesh on top, and invert so that your original sheet of bread is upside down. That will allow you to peel the Paraflexx sheet off. Continue to dehydrate the underside of the bread.
  • Dehydrate for approximately 8 hours more (do this overnight so you’re not tempted to eat it before it’s ready) or until bread feels light in your hand. If the pieces don’t fully come apart where you scored, use a knife to cut them.

Cashew mayo

  • Blend all ingredients in a high-speed blender until smooth.

For the mushrooms pictured

  • Cut portabello mushrooms into thick 1 cm wide strips. Marinate them for a couple of hours or overnight in equal parts of tamari and olive oil.
  • Arrange them on a dehydrator sheet and dehydrate overnight.


Click this link if you need help on How To Sprout Buckwheat.
Rate This Recipe
4.23 from 31 votes
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July 14th, 2007

150 thoughts on “Raw Vegan Zucchini Bread”

    • There’s no one thing to use in place of oil in all recipes, but in this recipe, you can use some avocado.

  1. This was a great recipe. I processed everything and spread the batter on teflex sheets only to realize I forgot the sprouted buckwheat. So I scraped everything back in the processor and finally finished it. I used sun dried tomatoes in olive oil. I found it took much longer than 2 hrs to flip it properly as it was quite wet and sticky. The finished bread was thin, like a thick fruit leather but with a good flavor. I had dehydrated the marinated mushrooms as well and those were delicious! I made a quick sandwich with that just to taste and it was very good. Tomorrow I’ll make a full sandwich with the cashew mayo.

    Thank you for the recipe- I’m inspired to make more raw dishes! Also, I tossed extra buckwheat groat sprouts with a pinch of salt and dehydrated until crispy! Not bad! Next time I will add cinnamon! I think 1.5 cups of raw groats will equal 3 cups sprouts. They expand quite a bit!

    • Hey Lisa, thanks for posting this 🙂 Loved hearing about how you’re using and enjoying it.

  2. Hi! Looks great
    What other nut or seed can I use for the buckwheat? And how can i sub the apple? I also don’t have pears available in my country..
    Thank you!

    • Almond pulp or flour works really well instead of buckwheat. You could use some carrot instead of apple or pear.

  3. I have a recipe for raw vegan banana bread that indicates blending 1/4 cup of Irish moss gel into the mixture would make a lighter, fluffier bread. I haven’t tried it yet, though. What do you think about that? Have you tried it? Do you think it would work with this Zucchini-Buckwheat bread?

    • Yes, Irish moss will make breads a little spongier and will hold desserts together, allowing you to rely less on nuts.

      It won’t make a massive amount of difference with this flatbread, but it works well with loaves of bread.

  4. omggggggg! this sounds amazing! can’t wait to try it! one question: are you measuring the 3 c buckwheat before or after soaking? humongous gratitude. … ~.~

  5. I only buy the sun dried tomatoes in olive oil. Can I use these and if so what do I need to modify to accommodate the oil?

  6. Hi, this looks amazing and super healthy! I want to try it, but I can’t have flax. Could I use eggs instead? How many? Thanks!

  7. Hello Russel!
    Thankyou for your great recipes, I love to make this bread today ☺ But I have a question about the dried tomatoes. Shall I soak them in water first or shall i use the canned ones in oil? Or, simply use the complete dried ones? Thank you for helping me out, I look forward to taste this lovely recipe! Best regards from Marie

  8. Thank you for the recipe! I was wondering if you can dehydrate the bread longer to make crackers, and if so, how long would you recommend. I made double the recipe and the bread seems to be getting a bit dry around the edges so I thought making crackers might be a good idea.

    • Yes, I’ve done that before. Whenever I’m making crackers, I usually dehydrate for 24 or even 36 hours, to make sure they’re really crispy. There’s no upper limit.

  9. Just ate this – it was the most delicious sandwich I’ve ever had in my life, not kidding! The bread is amazing, the mayo is so so good, and the mushrooms just make the whole thing sing. This is a new family favorite and once you make the bread you have lots left over for other yummy creations. Thank you!!

  10. Forgive me if this was explained already, but what size food processor do u suggest for the buckwheat bread to process in one shot..would 10 cup suffice? Thanks!

    • That should be OK, but I usually do this bread in two batches now, to make it easier. So get all your ingredients in a bowl and mix, then take half of the mixture and grind it in the food professor.

      • Good Day Russell, Thank you for all these wonderful recipes! So I made this wonderful bread today.. I sprouted 3 cups.. and now have like .. 6 cups LOL.. So I made the bread and still have approx 3 cups of sprouted buckwheat left… Help!! Other then making another batch of bread what are my options? pancakes? Do you have a recipe for pancakes? Or?

        • You could freeze them until ready to use in more bread. You can also use them in a granola type recipe for breakfast. Dehydrating them with a little salt, lemon juice and maple syrup is great for this.

  11. I made the full batch and have lots extra. How can I store the bread and how long will it last? Can I freeze it?

  12. I just had this for lunch and it was so satisfying. It wasn’t as pretty as yours but it was delicious. I used avocado instead of mushrooms and red bell peppers instead of tomatoes. Because I didn’t have sun dried tomatoes for the bread I substituted fresh tomatoes so the dehydrating was much longer and the bread was a little bit darker. Thanks for the great recipe Russell. It’s so great to eat bread again!

  13. Hi! I’m gluten intolerant with loads of little accompanying intolerances, including oats, flax and chia. Could sesame seeds be a suitable alternative for flax?

    • Flax is used in the recipe to hold everything together, so sesame won’t really do that. I would leave out the flax and the sesame and use a 1/4 cup of psyllium powder instead. See how you get on with that.

  14. Hi chef! I only can wait to try this. Could you please tell me what can I substitute tomatoes with as I really don’t like the flavor of dried tomatoes?
    Could I use fresh ones? Maybe just like one or two of those instead of cup and a half of dried. I hope it wouldn’t hurt the consistency of the bread.
    Also, would you happen to know about the nutrition of lets say one slice approximately? I’m so not counting calories, just wondering 🙂
    Thank you thank you

    • Hey Tamara,

      Yes, you can use fresh ones. It doesn’t matter too much that there’ll be a little extra moisture, as you’re dehydrating anyway.

      I don’t know what the nutrition breakdown of this is, but you can plug it into something like My Fitness Pal and it’ll give you a good idea.

  15. I’ve done raw off and on for a few years but always missed bread! Just made a half batch to see how it works and it is very yummy! We had dried our own tomatoes last summer so i used those, but they were very dark and the bread looks more like pumpernickel LOL And had to substitute fresh spinach for zucchini, but overall… I’m ecstatic! Can’t wait to experiment more. Thank you for your commitment to sharing beautiful living food recipes! Blessings, Russell!

  16. so grateful for this, thank you! One of the biggest reasons why I fall from the raw lifestyle is my love for bread and coffee. I have tried many raw breads but this one is very straightforward. Grateful.

  17. Hi Russell, I’m taking the plunge and getting a 4 tray Excalibur dehydrator and would love to try this recipe. Will I be able to make it in the 4 tray or does it make more than that? Also I only have the Cuisinart 4 cup food prep processor.. would I be able to make this a little batch at a time, then combine it all at the end by hand? Or can this be made in the Vitamix? Also how would you store this bread and how long will it last? Thanks!

    • Yes, you can certainly make in a 4 tray dehydrator and in a smaller food processor, in the way you described. I would store this bread for up to a week in the fridge, because it will ideally still have a little bit of moisture in it still. In a sealed container it’ll be good for up to 7 days.

      • This is such helpful information to stumble upon.
        I bought the 4 tray Excalibur around a year ago along with a very small food processor – the magimix mini I find that most people’s recipes make far more than either or these can handle – especially when you bear in mind that a 4 tray dehydrator becomes a 3 tray dehydrator when you need to keep a spare tray for flipping. Additionally, the 4 tray has a far smaller tray size (around 2/3 surface area of the larger excaliburs (it’s 11×11 inches squared as opposed to 14×14)). So I typically end up scaling some recipes down to a far smaller fraction of the ingredients than originally intended and not only is it a headache to calculate and measure out the quantities , but it doesn’t always work. I also find that my dehydrating times are very significantly less than recommended in recipes. Things dry twice as fast in some cases. I’ve never found anyone else whose bought the same dehydrator.
        I admit, I hadn’t considered sticking to the original quantities for processing and doing it in batches then combining by hand. When it comes to quantities, the food processor is usually the limiting issue as it is really far smaller than the more professional models. The smaller dehydrator is not always a problem. As you say, it won’t be a problem in this recipe as you only do 2 trays (which would be 3 trays exactly for the 11×11 Excalibur (good job I’m a mathematician – however, it makes me a very bad chef).
        So maybe, just maybe, if you think it is doable, then I’ll process this recipe in batches and combine by hand at the end , and make 3 trays of your lovely sounding bread next time.
        Thanks for the advice and for giving us this platform to discuss, it is immensely helpful to have your advice.
        Any general tips you have for making smaller quantities or for doing things in batches then combining by hand would be very helpful. I’m not sure it would work in all recipes and I’m still not sure how I’m going to set about this as even the initial blending stage involves far more ingredients than a mini machine will handle.
        Thanks very very much.

        • Hey Louise, when I’m making things in batches, I tend to get the full recipe together in a large bowl, stir it up by hand, then blend or grind in batches. That way I know I’m getting the recipe right, but I also know it will fit in the blender/processor.

        • I have a freind she has the smaller Excalibur a) price to start with and size and it is much quieter than the larger ones and in a small apartment sound is very important , sip she ended up with two of them 🙂 they fit in a book Sheve so think of that 🙂

  18. I’ve just made this buckwheat bread! The dough tastes… DIVINE! Can’t wait to eat it all but I’m off on holiday tomorrow. Can this be frozen? How long should it last in the fridge?
    Looking forward to your answer! xx

  19. Hi Russel, I have to try these marinated dehydrated mushrooms!! Can you store left overs in the fridge for a few days?

  20. How thick do you make the bread. I just tried making some and it czsme out like crackers. So does that mean not thick enough or dehydrated too long.????

  21. I am trying this for the first time and so excited about it looks am smells amazing. I did not have any zuccini around and its that time of year for pumpkin. I did a 50/50 of pumpkin and jimama.
    Wish me luck!

  22. Has anyone tried this recipe without oil? (I’m doing an oil-free diet stint for now.) I wonder if I can just use water instead of oil. Maybe throw in an extra avocado? Anyway, just thought I’d ask in case someone has already tried it and it didn’t work, as I don’t want to waste all my ingredients for no reason. Thanks!

  23. I’m reposting here so that you might see it easier.. I don’t have a dehydrator or a fan-assisted oven. I have a regular oven and wondered if this would be possible to make in my oven.. If so, what temperature would you use and for how long would recommend baking it? And with or without leaving the oven door open? I’m going gluten free and this looks really tasty.. would love to try it. Thanks!

    • I have heard of people doing this with a fan-assited oven for best results. i would try the lowest temperature you can go to, with the door open for a couple of hours, but keep an eye on it as each oven is different.

  24. I just came across this recipe today as I was looking for a tasty raw vegan bread recipe to use my buckwheat sprouts in! It’s in the dehydrator right now and smells delicious. I used smoked sun dried tomatoes for a little something different. 🙂

  25. Hi,
    This looks fantastic – but is there anything I can replace the buckwheat sprouts with? I tend to have allergic reactions to buckwheat.

  26. mmm this looks sooo good. how can I make the bread if I don’t have a dehydrator? Is there a way to do it in an normal oven?

  27. Hi Russel…
    I’m not raw, I’m vegan, but I am beginning to experiment with your raw breads because I am very sensitive to carbs and put on weight very easily when I eat them. I made your nut free bread (just in the oven w’ the door open… I do not have any of the requisite tools yet) and I love it. It is amazing… so tasty and satisfying. These veg based breads are an invaluable find for me.
    What I would love is if you would put together a book containing all your baked goods recipes and maybe a veg based pasta recipe too. I have your cheese book, and my first cheese turned out just great!  Thank-you for all your wonderful work… you are an inspiration.

    • hi Channigan,
      I’m also very new to all this and don’t have a dehydrator, at which temp did you put the oven to make your bread?
      Enjoy the day

      • Hi Ellen, it depends on what type of oven you have.

        A fan-assited oven will work best – I would start with the lowest temp, with the door slightly open.  Keep an eye on it and adjust as necessary.

        I’m going to do a YouTube video on this as I seem to get asked quite frequently.

        Let me know how you get on, I’m interested to know.

    • Thanks so much, Channigan.  I always love to hear about people using my recipes, especially when they’re making a difference to your life and getting you results.

      Your comments mean a lot to me.

  28. I bought a dehydrator and tried out your Mediterranean Almond Bread recipe…wow, it turned out great!!  First time ever using a dehydrator and I was able to produce such a tasty bread…it was a hit with my family and friends.  That was a few weeks ago, and ever since, this bread has become “the bread” in my household. I am so excited to find this nut-free version.  My son just started JK and his school is Nut-Free, so this will be absolutely great for his lunchbox.

  29. Ok  now  can  you make a recipe  for nut free raw mayo.  I am a raw vegan who is allergic to nuts.  I am also allergic  to cocnuts.  It  can  be quite sad for me to find raw food recipes.

  30. Hi Russell, I came accross this recently and now again and my recipe didn’t quite work. You say to use 3 cups of buckwheat sprouted, so how many cups do we need to soak and sprout to achieve this? I gather that if I soak and sprout 3 cups of buckwheat it won’t be the same volume. Can you advise approx the ratio please….Carole

    Thanks so much, & PS I love all your recipes. I have only been raw 6 weeks, and you make it is easy to be raw. Thank you…

  31. Hi Russell, the texture of this bread looks fantastic! I can’t wait to try this. Due to a latex sensitivity I avoid avocadoes – is there a suitable replacement for them?

  32. Dehydrator just started. I didn’t have any lemons left so I used Braggs Apple Cider. Hope that was OK.

  33. I was wondering how long this bread will last in the fridge and if its ok to freeze it.

  34. This looks delicious!!!! I am a Holistic Health Practitioner/Personal Chef who has been wrapping the idea of raw foods in my head for a while now. I graduated from culinary school so presentation and taste means so much to me. You have convinced me that this is something that I would like to do. I interned at a raw food restaurant for 1 month and I felt great but back to my old hot food ways. My digestion is not functioning properly and I know that cooked foods has a large bearing on this…..thank you for learning, absorbing and sharing!

    Yours in Health & Wellness

  35. Is there a smart substitute for the buckwheat? I am allergic to wheat. (If I missed this question/answer above- sorry.)Thank you in advance. Kevin

    From Russell: Hi Kevin, buckwheat is not actually a wheat and is not related to wheat or grass, it’s a seed so being allergic to wheat doesn’t exclude you from using it.

  36. Ok…I halved the recipe and used fresh cherry tomatoes in place of dried (I just really wanted to make this and didn’t have enough!). Crossing fingers! I’m feeling desperate for a good raw bread recipe!! I can’t hardly wait for tomorrow 😀

  37. Best bread EVER! Thanks so much for the recipe. I hope you don’t mind if I share the recipe on my blog with a link back to your site! Everyone needs to try this recipe!

  38. Hi Russell

    was wondering if there was anyway to bake this bread in the oven and still keep a decent amount of the raw quality

  39. Hi Russell,
    a no nut e-book, that would be great!!!
    More every day recipes.

    I love all the recipes with nuts and love to make them too, but my body doesn’t want to eat so much nuts.
    All your recipes are mouthwatering.

  40. Russel,
    I am interested to purchase your classes in DVD. Are they available for purchase?

    I am wondering if you have recipes compiled without nuts.
    Thank you so much.

    From Russell: Hi Thess, the DVDs will be out soon – they’re with the editors at the moment but if you check out http://www.tinyurl.com/rawfoodchef you’ll be able to sign up for the early notification of release.

    I think I will make my next eBook a ‘no nuts’ one.

  41. HI Russell,
    I’m wondering if you’re familiar with Paul Stamet’s work – he’s a mushroom researcher in the US (or Canada?)…anyway he wrote in one of his books that the class of button mushrooms – included in that are the Portabella mushrooms – must be cooked to over 415 degrees Farenheit to disable a mutagenic toxin they contain called agaritines, that are thought to cause multiple tumors. I was disappointed to learn that as since going raw, have been eating the Portabellas for satisfying that desire for a dense food.

    RawPortabella and plain button mushrooms are used by many raw chefs and I think if this is the case, it’s important to get the word out to both pro chefs and the public…

    for more info please see
    (at about 6:10 into video).

  42. By the way, I am very eager to try this new bread recipe you have up here now! It looks amazing along with the cashew mayo.

  43. Hi Russell, I tried your almond bread and it turned out awesome! I added some raw sesame seeds on top! By far the best bread I’ve ever made. I love rye bread and I was wondering if you have a recipe for a raw rye bread?

  44. Hi Russell, Thank you for generously sharing these recipes and the scrumptious photos that go with them! It’s truly a gift in my life. I’m a newbie and still haven’t sprouted anything; how do I pick the right kind of buckwheat to do that with?

    From Russell: Just make sure they aren’t the roasted type – they should be light in colour.

  45. I love all the wraps, etc that the creatives have concocted for our dining pleasure… however, your bread looks divine… I’ve thrown some buckwheat into the water as soon as I started reading the ingredients… thank you for sharing this with us!

  46. Hi Mr. James,
    I have a quick question about the buckwheat. You have 3C Sprouted (2.5C dry Unsprouted). The 2.5C is amount you initially start working with, correct?

    I’m getting my Excalibur Dehydrator in the mail next week and this will be the first thing that’s going in it (along with the marinated portabella mushrooms, of course :-). There will be much rejoicing and a lot of RJ praise. You R Da’ Man!

    Thanks in advance,

    Orlando, FL

  47. Hi Russell,

    I just got my dehydrator and can’t wait to try this bread!

    I read the comment above that substituting fresh tomatoes for the sun dried would work, and was wondering the amount of the fresh you’d recommend…


    From Russell: Use the same quantity

  48. Hi Russell
    I’m having great fun exploring some of your recipies and loving them all so far. Wanted to give this one a try but I am currently off all sugars, including fruit. Do you think it would work to use extra courgette instead of the apple and perhaps a pinch of Stevia for sweetness?

    Thanks for the inspiration…

    From Russell: Yes, it would work with the courgette. Haven’t used stevia before but I’m sure it would work if you didn’t use too much.

  49. Hi, could you please clarify couple of things about buckwheat. If I am using the dry buckwheat and it came out of the processor not smooth and fine, but still have little shells in there, would it still be chewy in the bread? Or it softens in the dehydrator?

    From Russell: The buckwheat should be sprouted so it has a little tail, or at least soaked overnight. There should be no shells in there.

  50. I was wondering if I could use fresh tomatoes instead of sun-dried ones?And sprouted buckwheat? How do you sprout buckwheat?Can I just soak it and wait until it’s dry?

    Thanks a lot I can’t wait to make that bread 🙂

    From Russell: Yes you can use fresh tomatoes, and you may also want to add some salt to the recipe to allow for the substitution as sun-dried tomatoes are salty.

    Buckwheat can be soaked for 15 to 20 mins and then rinsed off. The leave it to sprout at which point it should start to grow within the first 24 hours, rinsing twice a day. It can be used wet in the recipe.

    • Hi Russell, For the buckwheat bread,are you using dried sun dried tomatoes soaked in water,or sun dried tomatoes packed in olive oicom also,how thin to you spread the bread mixture out

      • Use the sun-dried tomatoes that are soaked in water, a most of the ones that are in oil have other ingredients in there that might not be optimal. You also don’t know how good the oil is that they are in.

        If you have an Excalibur dehydrator tray, it should go evenly all the way to the edges of both trays.

  51. I love the Cashew Mayo – I’ve made it twice. I did switch the volume of the water & lemon juice, using 1/4 c lemon juice & 2 T water. Sooo yummy! The bread was good as well, but seemed like it needed a bit of salt. With adding a sandwich filling it tastes just fine. The bread makes a lot, so you could half all of the ingedients if you wanted. I actually had to put it in my food processor in 2 batches for the full recipe. Overall, the 2 recipes are a wonderful combination together.

  52. hmmm. thanks. ill try it and let you know. im in ireland but american and brought some from the states. was going to see if i could get some here when i ran out…but apparently not!

  53. hi–just wondering if you know if it would work to substitute chia seeds for the flax in your bread recipes….? No matter what I try it in, im not a fan of flax…. I tried this bread recipe and it was really good, but i could still identify the taste and texture of the flax, which im not too keen on… chia? or chia + ? Anyway, bread was good, it was great to eat a sandwich again. 🙂 but still would like to cut the flax….



    From Russell: We don’t get chia seeds in the UK so I’ve never actually used them! But I was talking to someone about them last week and it sounds like they will work fine.

  54. looks and sounds great-but i still can’t eat it! I have a very common food allergy – raw apples ! and nuts too. It’s really really common.

    From Russell: You could substitute the apples for pears. Mango would be nice, too.

  55. as i waited for the bread to finish, visions of eating a sandwich raced through my head. this bread exceeded my expectations. i’ve made other raw bread recipes, but this was by far the best one. finally a bread that is satisfying and better than cooked bread. can’t wait to try another of your recipes. thank you so much for all your talent and sharing it with us.

  56. Russell,

    Your recipes are remarkable! I am struggling to be a 100% raw foodist, most recipes that I want to make either cashews,walnuts or macadamia nuts. I am allergic! Is there a plan to also add variations to your recipes for people who are faced with this dilemma.

    From Russell: My girlfreind happens to be allergic to nuts so it’s something I’m becoming more aware of – it’s an interesting challenge!

  57. Russell this looks divine, but my question is about the mayo. I am under the impression that cashews are not 100% raw as they have to be steamed to get the poisonous resin off them them?
    Source http://www.wisegeek.com/are-raw-cashews-really-poisonous.htm
    On the other hand I have seen adverts for truly 100% raw cashews and am wondering what your knowledge is about the whole issue.
    Thanks for your input.
    And please keep sending us these amazing recipes, its so encouraging. And literally saving some lives here.

    From Russell: Hi Avigail. Cashews normally are steamed to get the shells off but the truly raw ones, sold by raw food websites, should be mechanically extracted (I hear they literally use a machine with a blade to crack open each one individually) and are therefore raw. I’m interested in the toxic issue around raw cashews, I hadn’t heard of that before, I shall have to do some more research.

    Thanks for your comments.

  58. Can’t wait to try the bread! It looks (and sounds) absolutely delicious.
    I tried the Cashew Mayo today and it’s even better than the original dairy version! I did, however, add some dried herbs and garlic to give it more of an italian flavor. I’m sure fresh herbs would be amazing in it as well. Thanks for the inspiring recipes and photos- each one is a masterpiece!

  59. Maureen – I’ve kept bread, which has been dehydrated, in my refrigerator for several months, actually, while doing a juice feast, and it was still fine.

  60. Just made your bread for the first time and love it – love it – love it. Thank you, no longer need to buy bread when I feel like a raw sandwich!

    The recipe made enough for 18 sandwiches, so for one person, can the bread be frozen? Or how long will it keep in a glass container in the fridge?

    From Russell: I’ve kept the bread in the fridge for a week and it’s been OK. You should also be able to freeze it fine.

  61. Debbie I think you make an important point re language. I spent days trying to find cilantro and even the stall holders had no idea what I was talking about. It prevented me from making some fab raw food. Finally I did an internet search and realised it was coriander! It would be useful if someone who was culinary bi-lingual (UK/USA)could write up a list.
    Russell you are a food artist and should definately produce your creativity in book form.

  62. Russell

    I am looking for the med bread that is served at Moxie’s. Would you have the receipe for this?

    Thank you.

    From Russell: Moxie’s?

  63. Hi Debbie
    By coincidence I’m making another batch of Russell’s excellent Med bread today. I’ll presume you’re in the US. Courgette is the UK word for the vegetable you know as zucchini. Love, Debbie (UK)

    From Russell: Thanks, Debbie 🙂

    • it’s zucchini
      courgette = zucchini
      cilantro (well what’s used in the US) = coriander
      spring onions = green onions
      there are others I’m not thinking of

  64. This is a great recipe. I prefer it to the almond version.
    But when I prepared and packed it for lunch i discovered that it becomes soggy pretty quickly. So now I just pack each the bread and stuffing separately, and then assemble the sandwich during my break.
    My colleagues are quite amused!

    • How would you compare the taste of the two?  I’m looking to make a bagel substitute to eat with cashew cream cheese and sunflower sprouts.

  65. Hi Russell!

    What, besides the obvious cashew cheeze, mushrooms, greens, & tomato, do you have in your sandwich fillings?

    What are your favorite fillings to use?

  66. Well, I tried this recipe today and it worked very well. As with a lot of raw food it was relatively expensive to make but I like to keep in mind that I am just emulating the look and feel of bread, not making a nutritional replacement for bread. With lots of sun dried tomatos, courgettes, avocado and flax seed this sort of ‘bread’ is far more nutritionally dense. Good stuff!

  67. Katerina,

    Thanks! I am planning classes and also to be making some recipes available in the form of a series of eBooks. This is something I’ve been planning for a long time but it is now coming together.

    I would also love to do a printed book so watch this space…

  68. Mr James, I think you are a genius.
    I am very curious whether you hold private lessons and/or whether the un-cooking book is currently in the making. In either event – I am a disciple. You are a miracle. Heartfelt thanks.
    p.s. The photographs of the dishes on Flickr are enough to send my appetite racing wild. Fabulous!

  69. Ellen,

    The good news is that sprouted buckwheat is so easy.

    You’ll need some buckwheat which comes in the form of a seed – should be available in a health food store wherever you are in the world.

    Soak them overnight and rinse the next morning, leaving them without the water. Rinse a couple of times a day until they form little tails that are as long as the seed itself.

    The whole process should take 2 – 4 days, depending on your local climate.

  70. I’m fairly new at eating raw foods. Can you tell me what and how to make sprouted buckwheat? I would very much appreciate it. Thanks! Love your blog – it is a great resource.

  71. Nae, I would hazard a guess that Xylitol isn’t raw as it has to be extracted and reduced from maize (or a number of other sources).

    I wouldn’t consider using it as it’s a sugar alcohol that has been hydrogenated – therefore, in my opinion, has undergone too much refinement and processing.

    Hope that helps.

  72. Mmmmm mmm mmmm.

    Can personally vouch for the 100% yumminess of Russell’s bread (and all his recipes come to think of it!)

    Many say it is the best bread they ever tasted…

    (Me included)

  73. I am trying to find out if Xylitol is considered raw. Can you help me with this? Would you use it in raw cooking?

    Thank you


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