Are you raw-curious or a committed raw foodist looking for simply amazing raw food...
that doesn't require discipline to eat?

Learn to Create Sexy, Simple – and Irresistibly Delicious

…that even your friends and family will go wild for!

  • An "at-home" course designed for both the 'raw-curious' AND the 'raw-committed'... designed to make it easy to bring amazing and irresistible raw food into your life.
  • Never be bored by raw food again…Master a huge range of raw techniques and meals, with tons of unbelievably delicious recipes, techniques, and ideas.
  • Be mentored through the process of creating beautiful raw meals in a beautiful learning journey, with high-definition videos, ingredient charts, and step-by-step instructions.
  • Presented by the UK’s leading raw chef, Russell James, as hailed by The Times - and teacher to over 48,293 raw food enthusiasts worldwide.

If you think eating raw needs tons of discipline or willpower…then you just haven't learnt how to make great food yet!

Raw food shouldn’t be about complicated shopping lists… long hours in the kitchen... or the same set of "boring" foods every day of the week.

It should (and can!) be just as interesting and exciting as the health benefits.

But making amazing, delicious - nd simple - raw food isn't always easy...even if you've been eating raw for a while.

understand this first hand. I'm Russell James, also known as The Raw Chef.

The Times of London called me the "UK's Leading Raw Chef." I've dedicated my career to making it easy to bring raw food into people's lives...and to creating spectacular and mouth-watering raw meals.

But here's what's important...

Early in my career I worked in a well-known fast food chain. Even after leaving, I couldn't shake off an acne problem that I'd developed, I always looked a little ill and I had very little energy...even though I was eating plenty of "good" food, like lean meat, chicken, vegetables, and fruit. Fortunately...

How I Discovered the Transformational
Power of Raw Food

Here are just some of the things you’ll discover during the Raw Fermentation At Home course:

  • While on a 7-day fast in Thailand back in 2004, I found a book about the benefits of raw food. The book's explanation of raw food made so much sense that I had a bit of an "epiphany" and when I returned to London, I started to experiment.
  • At first, an expensive, trial-and-error prone epiphany, as it happened: there wasn't much information on raw food back in 2004...and the wrong equipment could set you back a fortune.
  • But I persevered, because I felt incredible - and if I say so myself, I didn't look half bad either. My skin had cleared up, and suddenly I had boundless energy and motivation.
  • I spent all my spare time reading up on raw food, finding the best places to buy ingredients, and experimenting with delicious, practical recipes - which I shared on my blog.
  • I'd not been trained as a chef at all, but off the back of my blog I had people from all over the world flying in to take classes with me - and was invited to spend a year in the United States writing and teaching at culinary academies.
  • Now I'm happy to share...

The Secrets to Preparing Irresistible Raw Food

  • After my raw food learning journey, I set up Raw Chef HQ in London to share my techniques and recipes with a growing community of more than 48,293 raw food lovers (and counting).
  • If you're ready to join this community and enjoy the phenomenal health benefits of going raw, then you'll LOVE my latest course, The Raw Chef At Home.
  • The Raw Chef At Home takes you step-by-step into making amazing, sexy - and simple - raw meals that you can make every day...with some seriously extraordinary tricks and meals thrown in for the times when you want to impress.
  • I spent all my spare time reading up on raw food, finding the best places to buy ingredients, and experimenting with delicious, practical recipes - which I shared on my blog.
  • It's my flagship 10-week "at-home" study course where I'll mentor you class-by-class (completely at your own pace) and show you secrets and culinary techniques that you'll actually enjoy using at home.

Here are just some of the things that you’ll learn during The Raw Chef at Home course:

  • Never be bored at dinner again: Essential techniques and recipes for a huge variety of mouth-watering main dishes and entrées.
  • Quick and easy raw meals for, how to turn your raw favourites into dinner party showstoppers.
  • A "behind the scenes" look inside my cupboards, fridge and freezer so you can set yours up in the same way - and prepare raw meals fast.
  • Stop spending hours planning meals: My super-easy way to plan what you're eating for the week.
  • The easiest way to professional and safe knife use, so you spend much less time in the kitchen cutting, chopping and preparing.

Plus, you'll also learn:

  • My secret to flavour balancing so meals are super-tasty, plus detailed charts and references so you can combine herbs and spices like an award-winning chef.
  • The quick and easy way to make pasta sauces that burst with flavour...paired with raw "pasta" that's unbelievably delicious.
  • How to make amazing pizzas with moist, delicious bases and super-fun toppings everyone will love.
  • Make delicious raw cheese that's really like the real thing...and slices and tastes like real cheese. Plenty of variations to learn!
  • Presentation and food-styling tips to make even the simplest meals look like food from a 5-star restaurant.
  • Simple ways to make nut-free bread and make sandwiches that can be frozen and thawed when needed.
  • A super-spongy garlic bread that's TONS better than anything from the supermarket.
  • How to store breads for maximum freshness-and how long they will last.
  • Meals that will impress, delight, and surprise dinner party guests.
  • The secrets to making savoury sauces and dips for wraps.
  • A simple-to-make "raw" rice from parsnip, jacamar, or cauliflower.
  • And much more!

And here’s a more thorough look at what you’ll cover week-by-week (at your own
pace) during the full curriculum:

  • Module One

    In the Kitchen. Discover how to setup your kitchen for maximum time savings and remove the obstacles that prevent you from going "raw".

  • Module Two

    Salads & Dressings. Create superb salad dressings using only what you have in your fridge right now...

  • Module three

    Pasta & Noodles. Make a variety of beautiful pastas without cooking and pair them with sumptuous sauces.

  • Module four

    Main Dishes. Create amazing pizzas, sauces, and entrées, plus essential techniques to use in your own raw recipes.

  • Module five

    Fermented Foods. Spicy and mild fermented foods that will take your health to the next level.

  • Module six

    Cheeses. Learn to create a wide range of raw cheeses, that look and taste like the real thing.

  • Module seven

    Breads and Sandwiches. Avoid processed breads by making your own super-fresh breads and sandwiches.

  • Module eight

    Elixirs. Innovative - and delicious - juices and smoothies.

  • Module nine

    Wraps & Rolls. Delicious wraps and rolls with completely raw ingredients.

  • Module ten

    Sushi. Make truly raw sushi, with raw rice, amazing flavours and creative "add-ons" for extra taste.

Learn to Create Sexy, Simple & Irresistible
Food with The Raw Chef at Home

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And Yes, You Can Still Cook…

  • My students aren’t necessarily what I’d call “hardcore raw”. They eat raw about 80-90% of the time...and in fact, that's what I do too..
  • You'll see that some of my recipes involve light cooking occasionally... and no, I'm not saying this to make you feel better about the odd "slip up".
  • "Going raw in any percentage will make a huge difference to your life, body, and mind...and the occasional bit of light cooking won't change that. With The Raw Chef At Home, you"ll create sexy and irresistible raw meals with the power to transform your health and energy.
  • Need proof? Meet people just like you who have studied with me...

Here’s what some of my other students have to say…


"Russell, you are the bomb! My Mom and I are enjoying your courses so much. You have opened up a passion for food prep within my Mom that is out of this world. She always had a tough time enjoying food and "cooking". She's found her heart in raw, vegan food prep. Every time I taste one of your recipes, it's like going to culinary heaven. Your gifts are truly remarkable and we are so grateful to be learning with you!"

- Courtney Ragonesi.


"After only the first week in your chef course, my raw prepping skills have doubled! I am so impressed with the course, thank you."

- Saunya O'Dwyer.


"I just started, love what I see, great course, presentation and all, glad I invested the money and the time so far. I highly recommend this course."

- Ruth Tsavousis.


"I'm loving this course! I'm not a new cook but I still learn something new from you in every video whether it is technique, ingredients, or theory. Money well spent."

- Ida.


"Hello Russell. I signed up yesterday for your great online course and got my login info this morning. Since that moment I am like hypnotized, this is mind blowing experience. So far I am more than satisfied. Info is presented in such a lovely, high quality way. I am speechless. Thank you once again."

- Lejla Kasumacic.


"WOW. I just bought this and couldn't wait to get into it so I just went through this entire workbook and WOW...I did not expect all of that, I am truly blown away. You have outdone yourself Mr. James :) I cannot wait to keep going, I'm going to be up all night in the kitchen now!"

- Anonymous.


"I'm only on Week 1 of the course, and I am thrilled. The chart that lists, by cuisine type, the common herbs and spices, fruits and vegetables, and other condiments that complement one another alone is worth the price. And I'm working on my knife skills! This isn't just for beginning raw foodists: it's useful no matter what type of food you eat, and it's great for those of us looking to add some zip to our cuisine once again. Thanks for the attention to detail and the thoroughness of your presentation. There is nothing missing here."

- P. Tippins.


"I have been following my instinct towards a raw lifestyle this year. This course has sealed the deal! Many, many thanks chef. Every recipe has been delicious! This is life-changing stuff!!"

- Michelle Wiley.


"Your course is FANTASTIC. I'm enjoying it soooooo much. Thank you !"

- Jasmine Matthews-Simpson.

My Personal Guarantee…
You’ll Love The Raw Chef At Home
or You Pay Nothing

Take 30 days to decide if THE RAW CHEF AT HOME lives up to my promises. If you're not totally delighted, then contact customer service and I'll provide a prompt and courteous there's absolutely no risk to get started.

Start Creating Sexier, Simple & Irresistible Food with The Raw Chef at Home

If you’re looking to make raw food an exciting part of your life, The Raw Chef at Home course will give you the skills,recipes, and passion to eat raw as often as you like - and love it every time.

Your entire tuition in The Raw Chef at Home is just $595 with instant access to the full online course and all of the course materials.

It's worth thinking about how much better you'll feel after adding more raw food into your life... When you're truly excited about raw food and the possibilities of what you can create, you'll stop needing strict discipline and willpower to make great choices for your health.

The sooner that you start this course, the sooner that you'll transform your health by starting a love of truly irresistible, sexy - and dead simple - raw foods.

To Your Health

Russell James

Russell James
The Raw Chef

P.S. If you're in need of raw recipes that make "cooking" and eating fun, then look no further than this course. You'll not only get a huge bank of raw recipes and food ideas, but also step-by-step instruction on how to prepare each dish and advanced techniques to transform your meals into irresistible food that make your friends and family jealous. Start now by signing up for the online course..