Learn to Create Simply Irresistible & Sexy Raw Chocolate… so good that the fact that it's raw will be just a bonus!

  • Create Amazing ‘Guilt-Free’ Raw Chocolate that’s better for both your taste buds and your health…so you can indulge (almost!) any time.
  • Be Mentored Through A Beautiful In-Depth Learning Journey… with high-definition video lessons, step-by-step instructions and more to make learning easy.
  • Presented by the World's Leading Raw Chocolatier... In our first course collaboration with Amy Levin, The Raw Chocolatier.

Raw Chocolate is an online course that shows you exactly how to create
completely irresistible chocolate
without missing out on the health
benefits of raw food OR the taste of ‘real’ chocolate.

Raw Chocolate is an “at your own pace” online raw food course where you’ll be mentored step-by-step to create completely irresistible chocolate … so good that the fact it’s all raw will be just a bonus.

And whether you’re practically a veteran raw chocolatier or a total beginner, we have a course to help you grow your skills…with two levels of the Raw Chocolate course available to choose from.

Here are just some of the things that you’ll learn during Raw Chocolate:

  • Make mouth-watering raw chocolate that’s really like the real thing…with amazing taste and that ‘real’ chocolate consistency. Plenty of variations to learn!
  • Step-by-step instructions to get started creating amazing raw chocolate… even if you’re a complete beginner.
  • The equipment, tools, and utensils that you’ll need for making chocolate and why (Hint: All of it is probably already in your kitchen…).
  • A detailed “behind-the-scenes” look into Amy’s kitchen and preparation methods… so you can minimise your time spent ‘cooking’.
  • The complete guide to each of the ingredients you’ll want to use when making raw chocolate…and why you should use them.
  • Amy’s secret ingredient for the perfect consistency and flavour each time.
  • Surprising ingredients to make your raw chocolate even more flavoursome… like medicine flower extracts and essential oils.
  • The biggest problem in creating any type of chocolate… and how to avoid it happening to your raw chocolates.
  • Why I NEVER use liquid sweeteners in raw chocolate.
  • No more grainy or powdery chocolate: The quickest, EASIEST way to ‘temper’ your chocolate for that perfect finish and the perfect consistency every time.
  • Because we ALL sometimes make mistakes when ‘cooking’: How to troubleshoot any problems with your raw chocolate.
  • The surprising science behind perfect raw chocolate: Understand how raw chocolate is made so you can start experimenting with your own variations.
  • How to use Amy’s secret “Flavour Bible” to explore and create amazing new flavour combinations of your own.
  • Presentation secrets for beautiful creations: how to decorate, colour, marble, splatter, paint, layer, and garnish to make your chocolate even more special.
  • And much more!

And there’s much more than just recipes in your Raw Chocolate course membership:

  • An irresistible bank of raw chocolate recipes… all designed to allow you to indulge without missing out on the health benefits of raw.
  • A “mentor” to guide you through each step …Amy will help you to understand each part of creating amazing raw chocolate with detailed instructions, videos, and recipes.
  • A beautiful learning journey, with unrivalled professionalism. We’ll show you how to make each recipe in detailed high-definition videos.
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions to guide you and make it as easy as possible to create each recipe in your own home.
  • Printable PDFs to easily take your lessons with you into the kitchen.
  • Lifetime access to the Raw Chocolate course and all its lessons.
  • Instant online access. Log in and get started immediately when you sign up!

My First Course Collaboration…

Meet Amy Levin,
The World's Leading Raw Chocolatier

I've filmed these new videos with my good friend Amy Levin (The Raw Chocolatier), who is, quite simply, incredible with raw chocolate. Amy's been teaching raw chocolate classes for 5 years now, and when I saw what she could do, I knew that I had to work with her on a new online course for you.

Amy is the world’s leading raw chocolatier - and a classically-trained professional chef who found her calling in raw food. This course is an online and deeply more comprehensive version of her sought-after classes. We’ve designed this course together to make it easy for you to learn how to make and indulge in amazing, completely irresistible chocolate… the fact that it’s all raw is just a bonus!

Learn to Create Simply Amazing
Raw Chocolate... so good that the
fact it's raw will just be a bonus!

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Here’s what people have been saying about our other courses…


"Russell, you are the bomb! My Mom and I are enjoying your courses so much. You have opened up a passion for food prep within my Mom that is out of this world. She always had a tough time enjoying food and "cooking". She's found her heart in raw, vegan food prep. Every time I taste one of your recipes, it's like going to culinary heaven. Your gifts are truly remarkable and we are so grateful to be learning with you!"

- Courtney Ragonesi.


"After only the first week in your chef course, my raw prepping skills have doubled! I am so impressed with the course, thank you."

- Saunya O'Dwyer.


"I just started, love what I see, great course, presentation and all, glad I invested the money and the time so far. I highly recommend this course."

- Ruth Tsavousis.


"I'm loving this course! I'm not a new cook but I still learn something new from you in every video whether it is technique, ingredients, or theory. Money well spent."

- Ida.


"Hello Russell. I signed up yesterday for your great online course and got my login info this morning. Since that moment I am like hypnotized, this is mind blowing experience. So far I am more than satisfied. Info is presented in such a lovely, high quality way. I am speechless. Thank you once again."

- Lejla Kasumacic.


"WOW. I just bought this and couldn't wait to get into it so I just went through this entire workbook and WOW...I did not expect all of that, I am truly blown away. You have outdone yourself Mr. James :) I cannot wait to keep going, I'm going to be up all night in the kitchen now!"

- Anonymous.


"I'm only on Week 1 of the course, and I am thrilled. The chart that lists, by cuisine type, the common herbs and spices, fruits and vegetables, and other condiments that complement one another alone is worth the price. And I'm working on my knife skills! This isn't just for beginning raw foodists: it's useful no matter what type of food you eat, and it's great for those of us looking to add some zip to our cuisine once again. Thanks for the attention to detail and the thoroughness of your presentation. There is nothing missing here."

- P. Tippins.


"I have been following my instinct towards a raw lifestyle this year. This course has sealed the deal! Many, many thanks chef. Every recipe has been delicious! This is life-changing stuff!!"

- Michelle Wiley.


"Your course is FANTASTIC. I'm enjoying it soooooo much. Thank you !"

- Jasmine Matthews-Simpson.

Raw Chocolate is Backed By
My 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Like all of my courses, Raw Chocolate is completely covered by my personal 100% money back guarantee. Take 30 days to decide if Raw Chocolate lives up to our promises….if you’re not totally delighted, simply contact us for a prompt and courteous refund of your entire purchase price. There’s absolutely no risk to get started.

Yes, You Can Still Indulge in Chocolate… We’ll Show You the Healthiest (And Tastiest!) Way…

If you’re looking to create raw food that’s just that little more indulgent, fun and special, Raw Chocolate will show you exactly how to make mouth-wateringly irresistible chocolatewithout missing out on the health benefits of raw food OR the taste of ‘real’ chocolate.

And there are two levels to choose from: Whether you’re a beginner or a raw chocolatier ‘veteran’, you’ll find a course option to help you grow your cooking skills and create something even more special.

Once you sign up, you’ll immediately have access to all the Raw Chocolate recipes, “how-to” tutorial videos, step-by-step instructions, printable PDFs and materials, and the complete curriculum for the level/s that you choose.

With that comes lifetime access to the course and all of the course content, plus extra culinary advice and support in our members’ area.

Consider this: You can start Raw Chocolate today to start learning how to add that ‘something special’ into your raw food arsenal of recipes.

You’ll soon be creating amazing raw chocolate that’s better for both your taste buds and your health…so you can indulge (almost!) any time.

And if you’re not completely delighted, it’s free - thanks to my completely risk-free money-back guarantee. Simply choose one of the options below to get started now with instant access to the course.

There Are FOUR Course Levels to Choose From

Home Ground:
Raw Nut Butters & Chocolate at Home with a Melanger

This course is all about creating smooth and creamy nut butters and chocolate at home, using a melanger, or as it's sometimes called, a stone grinder.

You'll find this a fun, exciting and money-saving way to create your own nut butters, as well as taking your raw chocolate to the next level.

Home Ground (Price: $67)

Click here for one payment of $75

Click here for 12 payments of $7


To Your Health

Russell James

Russell James
The Raw Chef

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