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Hi, my name’s Russell James, creator of The Raw Chef. Here in The Raw Chef Academy we’ve taught 8947 students how to transform their diets with raw food. Everything from eating raw sandwiches all week to putting on show-stopping dinner parties for friends or even starting new careers. Let us show you how much fun this can be.

Healthy chocolate at home, from scratch

Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate

If you have very little or no experience making raw chocolate, this is definitely the place to start.

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Creative raw chocolate making

Candy Bars, Truffles & Confections

Start combining pastry and chocolate, whilst applying new rules to open up more creative possibility.

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Get the best from your stone grinder

Home Ground

Learn how to make silky smooth chocolate & nut butters at home. Make truly artisan chocolate from your own home.

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Gift healthy chocolate at Easter

Easter Chocolate

The online chocolate making course for healthy eaters who want to enjoy (and give!) healthy treats at Easter

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The Raw Chef Premium Bundle

Lifetime access to all courses (not including livestreams) and updates.

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