Replay: How to Make & Temper Chocolate

Duration: 60 mins

Format: Unlimited access class replay & recipes to access in the Academy.

Taught By: Amy Levin

This is a class about how to use a stone grinder or high speed blender to make chocolate at home or work and easily temper it (make it shiny & snappy).

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Learn How to Make Shiny, Snappy Chocolate with the Healthiest Ingredients 


In this 60 class we’ll make chocolate two ways; using a high speed blender and using a stone grinder. After we make the chocolate, we’ll temper it using a really easy method.

What you’ll learn…

What Is A Stone Grinder

If you’re entirely unfamiliar with a stone grinder, we’ll get into all the details in class. This method of making chocolate is the most traditional and has been used for centuries. Before electronic machines were used this was accomplished manually using a large stone, like a mortar and pestle, but huge!

Luckily today we have various machines to choose from that are great for home use. I’ll talk about a few of them in class and demonstrate the ins and outs of it using my own grinder.

High Speed Blender

If you’re not ready to take the Stone Grinder dive into making chocolate, you might feel more comfortable starting with a high speed blender. I’ll show you how to make chocolate using your blender and go through the differences between stone ground and blender made chocolate.

Which Ingredients To Use

In this class we will focus solely on making and tempering dark chocolate, so we’ll focus on these key, easy to find ingredients. Once you know how to use these important ingredients, you can start playing with making white, blonde and milk chocolates too.


This can be the most daunting part of chocolate making for most people. It’s a technical, scientific process, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. I’ll show you an easy way to temper at home with minimal equipment. In fact, all you’ll need is a thermometer, mixing bowl and spatula.

How Does It Work?

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I took Amy’s course as a treat to myself, after being left some money. I wanted to be able to make raw chocolate for my family, as I wasn’t impressed with the raw chocolate on the market.
It all seemed a bit overwhelming at first, but with Amy’s base recipes I started getting creative with different colours and flavours and ended up creating my own recipes and making truffles for friends as well as my family.

Ros Miligan

Raw Chocolatier Student

Before The Raw Chocolatier course, I’d tried to make a few batches without knowing anything about tempering or right ingredients, which was frustrating and disheartening to say the least. Finally I found The Raw Chocolatier online and wow…learning about tempering was like learning a hidden secret. Having the chocolate pop crisply out of the moulds was so exciting!

Sabrina Swayder

Raw Chocolatier Student