Replay: Raw Cookies

Duration: 75 mins

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Taught By: Amy Levin

Learn to make healthy, delicious cookies for you and your family.  No dehydrator? No worries, you can use your oven.

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Learn How to Make These Delightful Raw Cookies. 

Learn to make healthy, delicious cookies for you and your family.  No dehydrator? No worries, you can use your oven.

What you’ll learn…

This 60-90 mins livestream class is designed for both beginners and intermediate students alike. You don’t need to have a dehydrator to make the recipes from this class, you can also use your oven, and we’ll talk about that in class.

Amy’s teaching style and ethos is to give people tried and tested base recipes that you can chop and change to create something new and different.

Cookie Dough

In this class we’ll cover 2 types of cookie doughs that are really great base recipes. One is more of a sugar cookie in terms of how you can use it. The other is pliable, rollable and therefore great for folded cookies or even cinnamon rolls! But we’ll discuss this more in class.

Berry Linzer Cookie

This is one of my favourite cookies and I don’t say that about many things. The cookie dough is so simple to make, minimal ingredients used and super delicious. Between these two cookies we add a dollop of jam, use whichever fruit you like best, and you’ve got yourself a treat!

Raw Jam

I’m all about base recipes and jam is 100% a base recipe. Base recipes are versatile and adaptable. In class we’ll cover a few different methods for making jam, one that takes about 2 mins to make, how to make it on the stove top and how to make it in the dehydrator. I’m all about options.

Chocolate Hazelnut Rugelach

I pretty much grew up in a Jewish deli, so pastries like these were very common and really yummy! They can be filled with pretty much anything, but in this class we’ll be using a simple, scrumptious chocolate praline to fill them. They look like Croissants, but have more of a cookie texture. The dough is really easy to make and work with and will quickly become a staple in your kitchen for all sorts of lovely baked goods — sweet and savoury alike.


Speaking of amazing bases recipes, this one is a staple in my desserts and chocolates. Pralines are really easy to make and don’t melt all over the place in the dehydrator, so they make amazing fillings for cookies and pastries.

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