Replay: Raw Taco Night

Duration: 1 hours 45 mins.

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Taught By: Russell James.

Come learn how to make this beautiful Raw Taco Night menu.

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Tepache, Raw Tacos & Lychee Ceviche

It’s Raw Taco Night!

Want to learn something different and fun?  Come join me for a 90 minute deep dive into making the best raw tacos ever.

What we’ll be covering…

  • Wheat and gluten free raw tortillas done in the dehydrator (can be done in a low temp oven too). 
  • Spicy ‘beans’ in tomatoes sauce, made from sunflower seeds.
  • Fermented cashew sour cream.
  • A beautiful lychee ceviche as a starter. 
  • A fermented pineapple drink called tepache.  We’ll also be making fermented pineapple salsa from this.

This is such a fun menu and something really different for the family to eat and get involved in making.

The main element – the tortillas and ‘beans’ can be frozen, which is really cool, because each batch will make 8 tortillas and you only 2 for a meal.  Knowing you have the makings of raw tacos in the freezer ready to go is really joyful.  Just a quick defrost and warm in the dehydrator or low temp oven is all it needs.

By the end of the class, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to make these tacos and the lychee ceviche whenever you like.  If you’re looking to add more raw food to your day, it’s a really fun – and utterly delicious – way to do it.

You’ll also know how to make the tepache – a refreshing fizzy fermented drink for warm summer evenings.

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Janey Lee Grace sitting at a table with flowers behind her

Today has been a complete revelation and completely brilliant. I’m not really good at looking at a recipe and bringing it to life. It was so great be able to see how it’s prepared.
I can honestly say the food is the best I’ve ever tasted. I recommend Russell’s classes to anybody.

Janey Lee Grace

Singer, Author & Presenter

Joyce Fontenot

I enjoyed getting the extra tips. They were exceptional. I believe it took my skills up by 90%. I can’t wait to try the recipes, they will become a regular part of my Raw Food plan.

Joyce Fontenot

Attended Breads & Sandwiches Livestream