Replay: Remarkable Raw Canapés

Duration: 2.5 hours.

Format: Unlimited access class replay & recipes to access in the Academy.

Taught By: Russell James.

Learn how to make raw canapés for fun, or to impress guests with in this online raw food class.

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Impress Your Guests (& Yourself!)

Breads and sandwiches give that tactile eating experience that can sometimes be missing from raw food.

Raw canapés are a fun and fancy way to celebrate raw food, whilst at the same time showing off this way of healthy eating.  If you’re looking for something a bit different to serve to family and friends, these raw canapés will really hit the spot.

In this class you’ll learn four different canapés that will bring a new dimension to your raw food repertoire.

Some of these 

Note: Because these are such new recipes, I don’t even have photos yet!  The canapés pictured are from our Holiday Raw Foods online course.  What you’ll learn on this livestream are four completely different canapés I’ve created especially for this class.

Learn How to Make Remarkable Raw Canapés 

This Remarkable Raw Canapés Livestream Class is a 1 1/2 hour online raw food workshop where you’ll learn four different raw canapés.

What you’ll learn…

Canapé #1

You’ll learn how to make a sundried tomato & olive flaky pastry, macadamia cheese ball rolled in candied pecans, beetroot pesto & zesty herbs pine nuts.  I’ll show you how to arrange these into beautiful eye-catching canapés that hit the spot on every level.

Canapé #2

For this one you’ll learn how to make quinoacakes as a base, rolled chive cheese and caramelised red onions to top it all off.  

Canapé #3

I wanted to show you a canapé with a simple base too, so we’ll be using cucumber.  But what we’re building is no less impressive; topped with orange miso cream, teriyaki portobellos and salted lime ginger crisps.  Wonderful.

Canapé #4

I was only planning on doing three canapés for this class, but this fourth one emerged in testing the other elements.  I have to say, it’s so simple, but it’s the one I keep going to the dehydrator to snack on ????  I’ll show you how to make a pine nut parmesan base, we’ll top it with the caramelised red onions from canapé #2 and then simply garnish with a few thyme leaves.  Sublime.

These are 4 distinct canapés, but you can switch around some of the elements and make slight changes to the recipes to create 4 or more completely unique canapés.  I’ll be talking through how to do this in the class.

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Janey Lee Grace sitting at a table with flowers behind her

Today has been a complete revelation and completely brilliant. I’m not really good at looking at a recipe and bringing it to life. It was so great be able to see how it’s prepared.
I can honestly say the food is the best I’ve ever tasted. I recommend Russell’s classes to anybody.

Janey Lee Grace

Singer, Author & Presenter

Joyce Fontenot

I enjoyed getting the extra tips. They were exceptional. I believe it took my skills up by 90%. I can’t wait to try the recipes, they will become a regular part of my Raw Food plan.

Joyce Fontenot

Attended Breads & Sandwiches Livestream