Raw Food Recipes for Thanksgiving & Christmas

Whether you want to add one or two raw dishes to your family’s table this festive season, or throw a 100% raw holiday dinner for friends…

Holiday Raw Foods will show you how!

The Holidays are coming up.

It’s a time to enjoy the love of your family and friends, celebrate and be thankful.

Because food is such an integral part of the Holidays, temptations are high. There’s an opportunity to be more mindful of the foods you’re eating this time of year.

I’d like to show you how to have FUN whilst enjoying your festive food, and feeling good about what you’re eating.

Imagine this…

You’re invited to a holiday gathering at your friend or family’s house. They’re curious about raw food, so you offer to make a contribution to the meal.

It’s a great opportunity to show everyone how wonderful this raw food thing is that you’re into.

So you take ‘Kilted Sausages‘, made from sunflower seeds, spices and eggplant bacon. You also take ‘Creamed Spinach‘, made with fermented cashew cream. Your dairy-free friends and relatives will LOVE you for this one.

And to top it off, you make a ‘Mincemeat Ganache Tart‘, which easily serves 10 people. This is the showstopper. No one can believe it’s raw and vegan.

You end up promising several people the recipes.

Or what about this…

You want to do something different this year. You decide to throw a fully raw Christmas meal for your family. Maybe you do this for New Year’s. Perhaps you invite some friends over for a dinner party with a twist?

You can make the dishes mentioned above, PLUS things like ‘Spiced Pear & Pecan Salad‘, ‘Rosemary & Cranberry Cornbread‘ and ‘Red Onion Chutney Mini-Pizzas‘.

All of these scenarios can be your reality this Holiday Season and we’re here to help you!

Holiday Raw Foods – The Online Course For Foodies That Want To Have A Healthy Festive Season

Holiday Raw Foods is a short (but packed with goodies) online course, guiding you through making some exceptional food this Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to make healthy celebration foods that will impress and nourish your guests in equal measure.

Check out this video for a short preview of what we have in store.

Your Teachers

The entire course is taught by myself, Russell James, and my good friend and colleague Amy Levin.

Amy and I have a combined 20+ years of teaching raw food techniques and preparation for the home user, gained from our extensive professional chef backgrounds, working in raw food kitchens and training academies.

What you’re getting in this course is guidance from professional chefs, showing you exactly how to make these dishes at home.

The recipes techniques we’ll share with you are not only focussed on flavour, but also on how to present them for maximum impact. We understand as chefs that if you’re going to give this food to others, and to enjoy it yourself, it needs to taste AND LOOK fantastic. We’ve got you covered on that.

  • All of your questions answered
    As you’re going through the course you’ll find yourself having all of your questions answered by Amy and me, as we walk you through the process on video. If you have any extra questions after watching each video, you’ll be able to ask it right there in the lesson, to be answered by Amy or myself, or one of our trained Raw Chef assistants.
  • Lifetime access to this version of the course
    When you become a Holiday Raw Foods student, you’ll have lifetime access to this version of the course. It’s helpful to have a course that you can work through at your at your own pace and refer back to whenever needed, replaying and even downloading the videos any time you want. That way you don’t need to feel pressured about getting things completed by a certain date. Even after the festive season is over, you’ll still be able to use these recipes.
  • Support in the Member Forums
    Our style of teaching is easy to follow and foolproof. All you have to do is follow along with the video, download the simple PDF recipe, and you’re on your way. As well as being able to ask questions within the course, we have a Member Forum where you can ask questions of your fellow students (and share your successes). You’ll also be inspired by others’ creativity and success.
  • A fun experience!
    Students often tell us that our passion for what we do, plus our down to earth teaching style… makes the whole thing fun and enjoyable to do!

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn in each of the modules…


2 Video Lessons

  • A simple & stunning canape well within anyone’s ability to make. Cucumber, Macadamia Cheese & Balsamic Figs make an incredible combination.
  • For the more adventurous, how about Red Onion Chutney Mini Pizzas? So fun and so different. Even if this is the only dish you take to a gathering, people will be fascinated at what you’ve created.


6 Video Lessons

  • Kilted Sausages are so moreish that you’ll have trouble stopping people from eating them before they’re done! Every time I make these, I think to myself, “why do I only eat this for one month of the year?”
  • Amy created a future raw food classic for you. Raw pecan and sage stuffing is so good, it will hands down rival any stuffing, raw, vegan or not. You HAVE to try this, even if it’s the only recipe you try – do I keep saying that? 🙂
  • My current favourite raw bread recipe. Rosemary & Cranberry Cornbread is our newest recipe and it’s incredible. Just the right amount of sweetness, this again is one of those ‘don’t tell them it’s raw’ dishes.
  • Dairy-free creamed spinach. We make this with fermented cashews and it’s going to be your best gift to any dairy-free friends and relatives. They WILL ask you for the recipe.


4 Video Lessons

  • 4 festive main courses that could easily form the centerpiece of any festive meal.
  • The easy light option… Spiced Pear & Candied Pecan Salad. The pears are dehydrated just long enough to have a ‘baked’ texture. When you team them up with candied pecans and eggplant bacon, you’re onto an absolute delight.
  • Something a little different. That’s the Savoury Cheesecake with Shallot & Goji Relish, or the Savoury Pumpkin Tart. Both absolute showstoppers.
  • Something more traditional (raw style). Amy has created a beautiful mushroom roll. Think of it like a raw mushroom wellington. Marinated mushrooms, cashew cream and a raw crust all around. Fantastic.

Sweets & Treats

4 Video Lessons

  • Mincemeat (spiced fruits) Tart and Mince Pies have to be experienced to be believed. Mince pies were the very first raw food recipe I came up with years ago, but Amy has done her own version and elevated them. Amy’s the best Raw Pastry Chef I know, and it really shows in this section!
  • How about Red Wine & Hot Chocolate for those cold nights in beside a fireplace? You can leave out the red wine if you like, as this recipe will make a delightful hot or warm cacao drink.
  • How about Christmas Truffles that can be made for your own pleasure, or made as presents this Christmas? Packed in a cute box, anyone would be delighted to receive them.

Holiday Raw Foods Vault

6 Video Lessons

  • The Vault is here to help you master elements of these raw food dishes that come up multiple times. By mastering these individually, the recipes become clearer and easier. You’ll also find that your wider understanding of raw food preparation gets clearer.

Holiday Raw Foods


Online Course

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  • HD video lessons. Watch online or download.
  • Downloadable recipe & worksheet PDFs
  • Unlimited lifetime access
  • All future updates to the course material
  • Ask questions, post pictures and get support in the Forums


Online Course

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Holiday Raw Foods is part of The Raw Chef at Home, which includes 9 other courses.

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The Guarantee

If you don’t LOVE Holiday Raw Foods, we offer a 30 day prompt and courteous refund guarantee.

Let me tell you why.

Amy and I have 20+ years combined experience in teaching raw foods. We’ve both worked in raw kitchens and I have spent time teaching all over the world, including teaching Raw Food Chef certification programs in raw food academies.

This is a high quality course for the home user, with extremely high production values.

This means the recipe always work: they are not only easy to follow, but they are tested multiple times. Past and current students often say we make things fun and inviting.

As you get into these lessons, you’re going to see that in action, and just how easy and FUN it is to eat healthy this festive season.

We’ve put a huge amount of time attention into this course to make sure that’s the way it is.

So here’s my simple offer: If you don’t LOVE this course, just drop us an email within 30 days (you can reply to any of our emails and it will get to us, or write to hello@therawchef.com) for that prompt and courteous refund.

So there’s no risk in trying us out: Join the program and see for yourself.

What other students have said when enrolling

“I’m so excited about offering up a Xmas diner full of taste and new flavours, something different.”

“Although I enjoy the raw foods I prepare for myself, they aren’t yet something I feel comfortable sharing / bringing to a holiday meal. I want to change that.”

“I want to hold a raw Christmas dinner for my friends who are curious about raw foods.”

“Always looking into having new recipes and ideas, especially at this time of year, when temptations are at a high.”