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The food you eat has a huge effect on how you look, feel and think.

The good news is that you’re only one meal away from being a healthy eater.

“I’m only on Week 1 of the course, and I am thrilled. The chart that lists, by cuisine type, the common herbs and spices, fruits and vegetables, and other condiments that complement one another alone is worth the price. And I’m working on my knife skills! This isn’t just for beginning raw foodists: it’s useful no matter what type of food you eat, and it’s great for those of us looking to add some zip to our cuisine once again. Thanks for the attention to detail and thoroughness of your presentation. There is nothing missing here.”

P. Tippins

The Raw Chef at Home Student

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Be mentored through the process of creating delicious raw meals in a beautiful learning journey, with high-definition videos, ingredient charts, and step-by-step instructions.

"After only the first week in your chef course, my raw prepping skills have doubled! I am so impressed with the course, thank you."

- Saunya O'Dwyer

"Hello Russell. I signed up yesterday for your great online course and got my login info this morning. Since that moment I am like hypnotized, this is mind blowing experience. So far I am more than satisfied. Info is presented in such a lovely, high quality way. I am speechless. Thank you once again."

- Lejla Kasumacic

"I'm loving this course! I'm not a new cook but I still learn something new from you in every video whether it is technique, ingredients, or theory. Money well spent."

- Ida

What’s My Investment?

What’s your health & wellbeing worth to you? What’s having high energy worth to you? How much more enjoyable would your life be if you’re well and energised? What would it mean to you to finally have healthy eating be part of the way you live? What would that mean to your family? What would it be worth to be able to prepare raw meals that your family enjoy?

What’s Inside the Course?

What's the deal with Version 2 and Version 3?

Whenever you buy a course from The Raw Chef you get lifetime updates to the material.  That means when we film a new version, you’ll get that new version automatically for no extra charge.

Right now we’re in the process of updating this course from Version 2 to Version 3.

Modules completed for Version 3 right now are: Raw Fermentation at Home; Breads, Crackers & Wraps; Tree Nut Cheeses; Holiday Raw Foods.  We’re finishing off World Raw Foods right now, which should be ready August/September.

When you join The Raw Chef at Home, you’ll get instant access to these completed versions for Version 3, PLUS you’ll get access to the entire 10 modules currently in Version 2.

That means it’s a GREAT time to join!

Here are just some of the things you'll learn in each of the modules...

Remember, this is just the new Version 3.  As well as this you’ll have access to 10 modules of material in Version 2 immediately whilst we update.

Module 1: Setting up Your Raw Food Kitchen

Coming Soon

In this course we cover equipment recommendations, where to start, store cupboard items, how to prepare ingredients for efficiency and some simple knife skills.

Module 2: Superfood Smoothies & Elixirs

Coming Soon

This course covers simple juices and smoothies with bit flavour and nutrition, right through to tonic elixirs made with medicinal mushrooms.

Module 3: Raw Food Salads

Coming Soon

Raw Food Salads will show you how to make hearty, filling and nutrient dense salads. Learn everything from quick salad dressings to thick and creamy sauce style dressings that are fermented for extra nutrition.

Module 4: On the Go Snacks

Coming Soon

This course covers simple juices and smoothies with bit flavour and nutrition, right through to tonic elixirs made with medicinal mushrooms.

Module 5: Raw Fermentation at Home

26 Videos

Learn how to make some of the most nutritious foods available; fermented foods. Add these foods to yours and your family’s diet for improved digestion, hair, skin and nails.

Module 6: Breads, Crackers & Wraps

19 Videos

Lunch will never be the same again! Learn how to get the most from your dehydrator by making raw breads, crackers and wraps.

Module 7: Tree Nut Cheese

34 Videos

Learn how to make cheese from nuts! This course covers cheese making techniques from using simple probiotics, to using specific cheese cultures such as camembert and roquefort.

Module 8: Rice & Pasta

Coming Soon

Raw food lends itself really well to rice and pasta alternatives. The fresh ingredients in raw food means the flavours will absolutely sing in these recipes. Perfect dishes for a hearty meal at home, or something you can take to work and enjoy.

Module 9: World Raw Foods

Coming Soon

Raw Raw Foods showcases amazing vibrant flavours from dish around the world. From Asian dumplings to Turkish rice dishes, this course will massively expand your knowledge of creative raw food cuisine.

Module 10: Holiday Raw Foods

22 Videos

Whether you want to add one or two raw dishes to your family’s table this festive season, or throw 100% raw holiday dinner for friends…Holiday Raw Foods will show you how!

*Discovering just a few new techniques and recipes could completely transform the way you eat.


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  • Access to Version 2
  • Access to Version 3 (currently in production)
  • Lifetime access to all updates
  • Regular Live Q&As
  • Member Community Forums

What’s My Investment?

Making raw food is a completely new skill to everyone. We all have to learn it from scratch and learn the differences between cooking and ‘uncooking’.

Most people get confused in the beginning and don’t know where to start.

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