Easily Add Simple Raw Food Meals to Your Week

Even if you’re busy and have a family to feed

Imagine having a handful of raw food recipes you LOVE and can make with your eyes closed.

Imagine what it would be like if you had the confidence to add these simple and delicious meals to your week, and they fit in perfectly with other foods you prepare for your family.

Imagine having tried and tested ‘time saver’ recipes that you make once a week, or even every couple of weeks, that last, so you can add them into each meal, without having to start from scratch every time.

A Way of Making Simple Raw Foods for Your Week

I call this way of eating Weekday Raw; it’s raw food, but simple.

Recipes that don’t need a dehydrator, can have elements prepared ahead of time, and can blend in with the foods you already eat. In a nutshell… foods that are easy enough to prepare, even on weekdays.

But how do you get there? How can you learn this way of eating, since it’s very different from cooking, and probably completely new to you?

There are 3 main ways.

Option #1: “Learning from a cookbook”

I LOVE recipe books and I’m currently writing one myself. They’re great for inspiration.

Trying to get everything you need from a mountain of recipe books is going to take time and will mean you’re always relying on recipes, hoping that something will ‘click’ by making recipe after recipe.

That’s if you can even keep your interest long enough to get to that point.

It’s no secret that some recipes in books aren’t always completely reliable. Two different people, with the same recipe, can seem to come out with completely different results.

At some point, trying to learn raw food from recipe books is going to leave you short.

You’ll also find that most raw food books are about the philosophy of raw food and health. We give all that stuff away for free, so that our courses contain only the practicalities of making raw food.

Translation: The course doesn’t open with a lesson on how to do an enema. I can definitely talk to you about the benefits of enemas (if you’re interested), but this raw food course isn’t the place to do it 🙂

Option #2: “Scouring the internet and Youtube for recipes and videos”

I’m one of the biggest providers of raw food recipes online, and also of raw food Youtube videos for recipes.

I think they’re both wonderful in giving you a taster of what’s possible. I get emails and comments every week from people that have tried my recipes online and loved them.

But just like recipe books, this method of learning has its limitations.

Firstly, you have to know what you’re searching for. If you’ve searched for raw food recipes, there’s a good chance you’ve searched for the classics, or something you tried on a retreat, or at a raw food restaurant. ‘Raw Lasagne’ or ‘Raw Pad Thai’ are these types of recipes.

But what about all the recipes you don’t know exist? You might get lucky and find sites that give a whole bunch of recipes, but no one site is going to give you everything. Finding all the recipes, on all the sites is extremely time consuming.

Most raw food recipe sites just have recipes, not videos. Some have Youtube channels too (like we do) but even then, it’s a LOT of searching to find what you want… if it’s even there!

Option #3: “Invest in a comprehensive, structured training where you’re taken step-by-step through how to make tasty, simple and practical raw food meals, for you and your family.”

A structured raw food online course can provide you with all the skills you need to add simple raw food meals to your week.

It can do this with recipes and videos, taking you step-by-step through the types of recipes that will stick. But more than that, as you go through a course like this, you’ll pick up the reason WHY you’re doing what you’re doing, which is very different to just following a recipe to make that one dish.

As you go through a video course, you’ll be picking up all the tricks and tips on raw food preparation that allows you to make substitutions, adapt recipes to your own liking and to spark ideas for your own recipes.

This is the reason I created The Raw Chef Academy. To take you from wherever you’re at with raw food, to where you want to be.

Aside from live classes, I’ve found it to be easily the most effective way to learn. In a lot of ways, it is MORE effective than a live class, because an online class can pack in more information, and can be replayed whenever you like.

So out of all these three ways of learning that I provide (books, online recipes / videos on Youtube and online courses) I put most of my time and effort into the courses, so it’s what I recommend for you.

So with that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to…

Weekday Raw

Weekday Raw is a self-study online course that shows you how to make quick, easy, delicious and affordable raw food for yourself and your family in less than 30 minutes a day.

It contains over 120 HD videos, all with accompanying PDF recipes to download.

Here’s what you get inside Weekday Raw:

Winter Produce

Simple seasonal recipes.

We’ve got recipes for each season – just look at what “Winter” has in store…

In this module, I guide you through some of the fruits and vegetables that taste best and are easiest to get a hold of during the winter months.

  • Beetroot & Macadamia Cheese Salad
    This makes a great lunch
    which you can take anywhere with you, but it’ll also bowl over your guests if you make it when you’re entertaining.
  • Butternut Squash Pasta
    Don’t fear the butternut squash!
    Many people find it intimidating in its raw form, but I’ll show you how to tame it by creating delicious noodles.
  • Endive Boats
    This is my secret weapon for parties
    , and it can be yours too (or just keep it to yourself and enjoy as a main).
  • Beetroot Apple Salad
    Tangy and sweet
    and can’t be beet (sorry).
  • Brussels Sprout Leaf Salad
    Do you – like most people – think Brussels sprouts are horrid?
    I’m quietly confident that I can change your mind with this recipe.
  • Kale Turnip Honey Salad
    If I had to pick out one dish that epitomises
    the idea behind Weekday Raw, this would be it: combine just a handful of ingredients to make something simple and irresistible.
  • Butternut Squash Chilli Noodles
    An Asian-themed dish with a real kick
    – then add some extra punch with my orange ginger relish.
  • Mushroom Fennel Carpaccio
    I understand: the meal sounds weird
    (and to be honest I didn’t really expect it to work). But you’ll be astonished.
  • Persimmon Almond Cheese Salad
    I’m giving this under-appreciated fruit
    its moment in the spotlight! Pair it with a bit of my cultured almond cheese and never look back.
  • “Sanswiches”
    That’s not a typo! I’ve got FOUR amazing fillings
    for you, and you won’t even get them all down your shirt by the time I’ve showed you my special trick for making seriously sturdy wraps.

And there’s more… you’ll also get recipes and videos for all these simple, beautiful meals, drinks and snacks that are just perfect for winter:

  • Chard beet and coconut samosas
  • Curried parsnip rice risotto
  • Root juice
  • Chickpea cumin beet soup
  • Kale down under juice
  • Ruby red juice
  • Savoy cabbage apple parcels
  • Brazilian green smoothie
  • Squash and apple soup
  • Walnut beetroot and watercress salad
  • Cauliflower couscous
  • Miso soup
  • Sweet potato soup
  • Kale cranberry salad
  • Broccoli, sweet potato and spinach
  • StirFriday

+ PLUS 3 More Seasonal Modules

Spring, Summer & Autumn Produce

Everything you see above for winter, we’ve duplicated for each season.

That means we have over 120 recipes and videos for Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter!!

As well as those seasonal modules, you’ll get these modules…

Raw Food Staples / Time Savers Module

These are the staples I love to always have around when I’m cooking for myself. They take a little more preparation than my everyday seasonal recipes, but by batching them up in the kitchen every couple of weeks you’ll have amazing ingredients on hand to add to any meal.

  • Kimchee
    One of the world’s healthiest foods
    , packed with probiotics, and pretty damn tasty to boot! Make a big jar of the stuff, and serve it as a perfect accompaniment to any meal.
  • Nut Butter
    So much creamier and more delicious
    than any nut butter you’ll find in stores – and not at all difficult once I show you how. This is so good to use as a base for sauces, salad dressings & smoothies.
  • Quick Macadamia Parmesan
    You’ll want to have a big bowl of this
    on the table for the whole family to share whenever you’re serving a noodle dish or a salad… and it takes literally seconds to whip up.
  • Weekday Raw Cheese
    I come back to this tangy cultured cheese
    in many of my Weekday Raw recipes, and once you’ve tasted it you won’t mind investing a bit of time every couple of weeks to keep your refrigerator full of the stuff!

Bonus: Light Cooking Module

The Raw Chef… cooks!

Scandalous, I know! But in reality, most people don’t eat 100% raw – I don’t – a lot of people need to consider family and guests who don’t eat raw either.

So all of these recipes in Weekday Raw were created with this in mind: They must be able to mix with cooked meals.

And even when you do cook, you’ll still want to retain the maximum amount of nutrition in your plant-based whole foods, so my light cooking bonus section shows you some essential techniques:

  • Blanching
    I’ll show you how to avoid over-cooking
    your veggies when you’re just giving them a quick blanch in water.
  • Fluffy Quinoa
    Not a quinoa convert yet?
    You will be, and it’ll become a simple, delicious addition to your meals.
  • Perfect Brown Rice
    Is your rice usually rock hard
    , depressingly soggy or stuck to the bottom of the pan? Most people have trouble getting their rice just right – but then most people don’t know the trick I show you in this video!
  • Light Baking
    A little light baking really brings out the flavour
    of winter vegetables – and I’ll show you how to do it in a way that retains most of the foods’ nutritional value.
  • Vegetable Stock
    People often stick to using water
    because it’s cheaper or they perceive it as healthier, but there’s so much more flavour when you use a good, natural vegetable stock. I’ll show you how I make mine for pennies.
  • Steaming
    Steamed vegetables don’t have to be the yucky mush
    you probably remember from school dinners – with my method they’ll be nicely al dente and never over-done!

Bonus: Fire Up Your Digestion

Value $97

Digestion is so important. It’s entirely possible that you may have digestive issues without even knowing it.

It’s works differently for everyone, but there are some common goals and rules to getting your digestion working optimally. And when your digestion works, you’ll feel really good.

Video lessons in this bonus course:

  • Small Intestine
  • Probiotics & Fermented Foods
  • Digesting Fats
  • Digesting Carbs
  • Digesting Protein

The course is created and delivered by my friend Elwin Robinson, who among other things, is the creator of High Energy Academy.

Here’s the first video in the course, to give you a taster:

Your Teacher

This is course is taught by me, Russell James, creator of The Raw Chef and The Raw Chef Academy.

I have 15+ years of experience with raw foods that first started when I was looking for a way of eating to clear up my acne.

My aim is to share healthy food that tastes good, including the abundant options that raw food offers. Whether it’s a sexy salad or a show-stopping dinner party, your meals can be delicious and amazingly healthy.

All eaters are welcome at The Raw Chef. We’re known for making healthy eating fun. Everyone from the raw-curious to raw-committed tell us we leave them feeling invited and excited.

Today, I teach healthy food to thousands of people worldwide through my podcasts, books, workshops and online courses.

What you’re getting in this course are raw food tricks and tips from someone with a huge amount of experience, for you to use at home.

The techniques we’ll share with you are not only focussed on efficiency, but also on flavour. I understand that if you’re going to give this food to others, and to enjoy it yourself, it needs to taste fantastic. I’ve got you covered on that.

  • All of your questions answered
    As you’re going through the course you’ll find yourself having all of your questions answered by Amy and me, as we walk you through the process on video. If you have any extra questions after watching each video, you’ll be able to ask it right there in the lesson, to be answered by Amy or myself, or one of our trained Raw Chef assistants.
  • Lifetime access to this version of the course
    When you become a Weekday Raw student, you’ll have lifetime access to the course. It’s helpful to have a course that you can work through at your at your own pace and refer back to whenever needed, replaying and even downloading the videos any time you want. That way you don’t need to feel pressured about getting things completed by a certain date.
  • Ask questions within the course
    The way we’ve laid out the course is easy to follow and foolproof. All you have to do is follow along with the video, download the simple PDF recipe, and you’re on your way. But if you ever have a question, we’re here for you. You ask questions within the course, in each lesson, directly to me and my team, to make sure you’re getting right.
  • A fun experience!
    Students often tell us that our passion for what we do, plus our down to earth teaching style… makes the whole thing fun and enjoyable to do!


Online Course

One-Time Payment


  • 120+ Seasonal Recipes for Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter
  • Staples / Time Savers Module
  • Bonus: Light Cooking Module
  • Bonus: Digestion Module with Elwin Robinson
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Access To This Version


Online Course

Payment Plan

$37 x 3

  • 120+ Seasonal Recipes for Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter
  • Staples / Time Savers Module
  • Bonus: Light Cooking Module
  • Bonus: Digestion Module with Elwin Robinson
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Access To This Version

The Guarantee

If you don’t LOVE Weekday Raw, we offer a 30 day prompt and courteous refund guarantee.

Let me tell you why.

I have 15+ years experience with raw foods, a large portion of those teaching raw food. I’ve worked in raw kitchens and I have spent time teaching all over the world, including teaching Raw Food Chef certification programs in raw food academies.

This is a professional course for the home user, with extremely high production values.

This means the recipe always work: they are not only easy to follow, but they are tested through years of my own and our students’ experience. Past and current students often say we make things fun and inviting.

As you get into these lessons, you’re going to see that in action, and just how easy and FUN it is to make delicious, simple raw foods for you and your family.

My team and I have put a huge amount of time attention into this course to make sure that’s the way it is.

So here’s my simple offer: If you don’t LOVE this course, just drop us an email within 30 days (you can reply to any of our emails and it will get to us, or write to [email protected]) for that prompt and courteous refund.

So there’s no risk in trying us out. If you want to learn to make simple raw food meals that you can eat during the week: Join the program and see for yourself.

What Other Students Have Said About The Course

Who Is This Course NOT For?

If you’re looking for a course to make you into a professional raw food chef, this isn’t it. If you want your meals to look like artwork, and you want to eat Michelin starred food every night, with lots of fancy techniques and equipment needed, then this isn’t the course for you.

This is not the kind of food you serve at dinner parties. If, however, you want easy to make, healthy food that you will quickly become part of your daily and weekly meals, then this course is going to be perfect for you.

This is about creating real food in real life, which means we understand you don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen.

How Long Will This Take?

To come to a live class and learn all of these recipes would take many months, would be extremely intensive and would cost over $2000.

By learning online, you not only save over $1700, you can take it at your own pace. Most of our students take around 4 months to get what they need completed and then return again as needed for reference.