"His stuff is AMAZING. Satisfying and PACKED with great flavours"

My food journey’ started in 2008. I’m not a complete raw foodie, but have refined my diet to include only whole foods and try to pack a lot more raw in there where I can.

In the time since, I’ve tried a lot of raw recipes (most bad, some good). I was lucky enough to stumble across The Raw Chef somewhere in the first 2 years, and haven’t looked at other recipes since. His stuff is AMAZING. Satisfying and PACKED with great flavours.

Sensational, really.

I served his lasagna at one of my dinner parties over 3 years ago, and my friends are STILL talking about it as the best dinner they’ve ever had (I can’t take credit for that…it was all Russell!) Even if you don’t want to go raw, you should try his raw desserts. Guilt-free, packed with nutrients, and out-of-this-world in taste. Just thinking about his chocolate cashew ‘cheese cake’, drizzled in strawberry and cashew-ginger cream sauce makes me drool. And once I tried making chocolate according to his rules, I’ve switched completely. No more processed chocolate. I make mine with fresh raspberries and honey.

Try it and you’ll never go back!