"I am yet to come across a recipe I haven't liked"

I *love* Russell’s recipes. They are my ‘go to’ recipes for raw vegan food – every one that I have made has turned out as it should and has tasted fantastic. I started off with recipes from the blog and free downloads, and they were so good that I bought all the ebooks and signed up for

I signed up for your courses because they seemed to me the most reliable in what I would get for my money. You explain things clearly and simply and every recipe I have tried has tasted so good.

I am yet to come across a recipe I haven’t liked and what has surprised me the most is that when I’m making something of yours, I forget that I don’t really like cooking…

I have tried both your sweet and savoury ones and the combination of flavours is always exciting. I look forward to making many more in the future.

Even though I have paid to use your recipes, I find you very generous in your sharing tips etc. I haven’t made nearly as many as I would like but I know I’ll get there.