"I feel younger than my real age."

I hate sauerkraut when I was young. I had to eat raw sauerkraut every day in winter.

I want to do something for my guts and I’m enthusiastic about my health improvement, since I’m a very high raw eater (for 4 month now).

I know your recipes are always delicious so I signed up for the fermenting course, especially for the winter!

I want to begin with fruit kefir, but I have some difficulties in getting them. I’m looking forward to starting it though!!

Raw food is giving me more energy, better mood (no Sunday blues anymore….) I don’t need glasses as often as before and I dropped 23 kilos.

My blood circulation has improved. I get better sleep, manageable hair and less tooth sensitivity. I feel younger than my real age. I became enthusiastic again about things.

It would really be helpful to have some very quick and easy warming winter recipes with winter veggies and winter fruits.

Thank you so much for everything you do and for your amazing recipes!!!

love and joy,